Sukiya "Caesar Lettuce Gyudon"
That is coming back

At each Sukiya store, the popular "Caesar lettuce beef bowl" sold in 2018 has been revived. It will be on sale from May 15th. The price starts from 440 yen (tax included, same below).

A dish made by placing lettuce on a beef bowl and sprinkling it with the original Caesar sauce. Caesar sauce has a creamy taste that is a mixture of red cheddar cheese, gorgonzola cheese, and black pepper. Accented with bacon and fragrant Parmesan cheese.

Sukiya "Caesar Lettuce Gyudon"
Caesar lettuce beef bowl

Also, on May 29th, "Dry Tomaleta Gyudon" (mini 440 yen and up) will be available. It is a dish with a spicy and rich taste like tacos, sprinkled with "dry tomato sauce" that is a blend of Cajun spice, cayenne pepper, oregano.

Sukiya "Caesar Lettuce Gyudon"
Dry Tomaleta Gyudon

Both menus are bright with plenty of lettuce and red peppers. You can also enjoy the crispy texture of vegetables. We also recommend the Ontama set (130 yen), which comes with a thick soft-boiled egg and miso soup.