Price revision at Sukiya "Gyudon Namimori" 350 yen to 400 yen, etc.
The source of the image is Sukiya official website

Prices will be revised at all Sukiya stores from 9 am on December 23. "Gyudon Namimori" will be changed from the current 350 yen to 400 yen.

Sukiya price revision

At Sukiya, we are particular about safety and quality, and beef bowls using "safely raised beef" and "100% domestic rice" are offered at reasonable prices. Meanwhile, in response to the recent rise in global raw material and oil prices, in addition to the cost of ingredients such as US beef, shipping costs, packaging material costs, IT-related costs, store construction and maintenance costs, etc. continue to rise. I am. In response to these soaring prices, the prices have been revised in order to maintain and improve the quality of products and ensure stable supply.

The main revisions from December 23 are as follows. All prices include tax.

Gyudon mini 290 yen → 330 yen Gyudon average 350 yen → 400 yen Gyudon medium 480 yen → 550 yen Gyudon large 480 yen → 550 yen Gyudon special 630 yen → 700 yen Gyudon mega 780 yen → 850 yen

Price revisions for other products can be confirmed in the Sukiya store or from the menu on the official website after December 23.

* Prices are different at some stores.