Asahi Shokuhin "Asahi Pons

Osaka Asahi Shokuhin "Perfectly Seasoned" "Asahi Ponsu

Have you ever heard of Asahi Pons, a classic Osaka seasoning? It is a long-selling product sold by Asahi Shokuhin in Osaka.

I used to use only cheaply-priced ponzu vinegar, but I was surprised at how good it tasted when I tried Asahi Ponzu for the first time. I was shocked to know that there was such a Ponzu.

Asahi Shokuhin "Asahi Pons
Purchased at the Osaka Department Store, an antenna store in Tokyo

Asahi Ponzu is a "fully seasoned" ponzu soy sauce made mainly from the pure natural fruit juice of sudachi, yuko, and yuzu, which are specialties of Tokushima Prefecture. Rishiri kelp, dried shiitake mushrooms, and mixed knots are also used.

Asahi Shokuhin "Asahi Pons
Requires a bottle opener to open.

Shake well and use without diluting. It is really delicious when poured over steamed Chinese cabbage and pork belly. The mild saltiness is infused with plenty of flavor. It enhances the flavors of Chinese cabbage and meat, and leads to a refreshing aftertaste. It is a wonder that the flavor is so refreshing, yet satisfying.

Chinese cabbage and meat dipped in Asahi Shokuhin "Asahi Ponsu
Very rich aroma

It is also recommended as a dressing for Japanese-style salads. The fresh sweetness of the vegetables matches the acidity of the citrus fruits. The light flavor of the chicken will be deepened and you will not get tired of it until the last bite.

Asahi Shokuhin "Asahi Pons" and salad
You can eat a lot of vegetables.

It can also be enjoyed in a variety of other ways, such as as a dipping sauce for boiled rice, nabe dishes, salad, meat, fish, and gyoza (gyoza). I have been using Asahi Pons on all kinds of foods since I first encountered it, and I am thankful that it gives them all a richer flavor! I will continue to use it as a reassuring partner in my cooking.