551 HORAI "Refreshing pork buns with ponzu sauce" and "Refreshing shrimp yakisai with ponzu sauce
(Image source: 551 HORAI)

551 HORAI has announced on its official website that it has introduced "Ponzu de Refreshing Pork Buns" and "Ponzu de Refreshing Shrimp Yakisai," which will be available in limited quantities from June 16 to July 15.

Ponzu-flavored pork buns

Ponzu dipping sauce for refreshing pork buns" will be available in stores during the period, and will be served with ponzu (Japanese citrus juice) in addition to the usual kara shi (mustard). Ponzu will also be included in mail order purchases of 10 pieces.

According to 551 HORAI, Naoshichi is a member of the Sudachi family of citrus fruits from Sukumo, Kochi Prefecture, and is known for its mild acidity. It has an elegant aroma, refreshing and clean taste, and is said to be used as a seasoning that goes well with pork buns.

Refreshing Shrimp Yaki-sai with Ponzu Vinegar

The "Refreshing Shrimp Yaki-sai with Ponzu Vinegar" is a shrimp yaki-sai that comes with ponzu (Japanese citrus juice) in addition to the usual mustard when you purchase 551 HORAI's shrimp yaki-sai at the store. It is also made with Naoshichi and yuzu.

All of these items will be discontinued as soon as they are gone.