Drip yogurt maker "Iodine"
Easy draining yogurt

"Iodine drip" found at a 100-yen shop. A drip yogurt maker that makes it easy to make drained yogurt. The price is 108 yen (tax included) per piece.

Drip yogurt maker "Iodine"
Iodine lip

Drip yogurt maker "Iodine"
Container and lid set

Easy to make. First, set the iodine drip in the mug and spread kitchen paper or paper filter on the container. Gently pour the well-stirred yogurt into it. (Approximate capacity is about 200g (7.05oz))

Drip yogurt maker "Iodine"
Pour gently

Cover it, put it in the fridge, leave it overnight and you're done! By adjusting the placement time, you can finish it to your liking.

Drip yogurt maker "Iodine"
Leave overnight

■ Rich like cheese
The finished drained yogurt can be used for caprese or spread on bread for fun. Besides, even if you use it for tiramisu or cheesecake ♪ You can enjoy the texture like cheese with a smooth and rich mouthfeel. The refreshing acidity that spreads softly is also ◎.

Drip yogurt maker "Iodine"

Caprese made from drained yogurt
Use drained yogurt instead of mozzarella cheese

Caprese with drained yogurt
For healthy caprese

Also, the remaining whey is nutritious, so don't throw it away! Add milk and honey for a mellow lassi. It is also recommended to mix it with pancakes or add it to soup

Lassi with drained yogurt whey

"Iodine drip" is a convenient item that allows you to make just the right amount of edible size. Please give it a try!