Danone Oikos Fat 0 Red Grape from Danone Japan


Japan Danone Oikos Fat 0 Red Grape

Danone Japan's Danone Oikos Fat 0 Red Grape from the Danone Oikos series of drained yogurts will be available from February 13 for convenience stores and February 15 for supermarkets. The price is open to the public.

Danone Oikos Fat 0

Red Grape

The daily protein requirement for adults is 50-60g (2.12oz) (according to the Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese (2020) by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare), but it is not easy to maintain a daily intake of this amount. Danone Oikos Fat Free Red Grape contains 10.2g (0.07oz) of protein and no fat, which is often consumed when consuming protein, and only 91kcal per cup (113g (3.99oz)), making it an easy and efficient way to consume quality protein while enjoying the mellow sweetness of grapes and the refreshing aftertaste of yogurt. The package also includes a label that reads, "The best competitions in Japan.

The packaging features a scene of a basketball game, which is the focus of much attention at this time of year, as the country's most prestigious tournament is scheduled to be held in the near future. The dynamic scene of dribbling and shooting, where the energy to "exceed everyone" is concentrated, which is important for all basketball players, is represented by a combination of live action and silhouette, likening it to the visual metaphor of "the self you want to exceed one second ahead". The film is a visual metaphor for the "self that wants to go beyond one second ahead".

Since April 2020, Danone Oikos has been supporting all people who are physically active by increasing the protein content to 10g (0.35oz) or more in all of its products. For all sports people who are moving forward and overtaking today's self, "Danone Oikos" will support body building.