Danone Oikos Fat 0 Double Grapefruit" from Danone Japan

Danone Japan's "Danone Oikos" yogurt, which is drained, will be available for a limited time only in the form of "Danone Oikos Fat 0 (zero) Double Grapefruit". The product will go on sale on August 15 for convenience stores nationwide and on August 22 for supermarkets. The price is open.

Danone Oikos Fat 0 Double Grapefruit

Danone Oikos Fat-0 Double Grapefruit contains 10g (0.35oz) of protein, zero fat, and only 90kcal (per 113g (3.99oz) cup), and contains "double" red grapefruit and white grapefruit juice and pulp. It features a refreshing appearance and a light, sweet and sour citrus fruit sauce that matches the ingredients' natural sweet and sour taste with the rich yogurt.

The packaging of "Danone Oikos Fat 0 Double Grapefruit" depicts a dynamic road racer, capturing the high season when the world's toughest road races are held, with courses that climb mountains over 2,000 meters above sea level and long races that can cover distances of nearly 300 km. The original design playfully depicts two wheels of a road bike pedaled by a road racer moving forward and two kinds of grapefruit, and expresses the power to push forward toward one's goal with a band of light.