Recipe "Harvest Millefeuille Sandwich"

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Harvest Millefeuille Sand

A simple recipe using the lightly baked cookie "Harvest" and drained yogurt. "Harvest Millefeuille Sandwich " introduced on Tohato official Twitter.

Recipe "Harvest Millefeuille Sandwich"

If left as it is, the crispy harvest will absorb the water from the drained yogurt and give it a fluffy sponge cake-like texture! The sweet and fragrant harvest is combined with the sourness of yogurt, and you can enjoy the taste like cheesecake. I was surprised at the creamy texture.


Replace mascarpone cheese with drained yogurt to cut costs and calories! A light and perfect " tiramisu " recipe for dessert after a meal.

Drained yogurt "Tiramisu" recipe

The smooth mouthfeel and rich taste are just tiramisu! A slightly sour taste is felt, and the aftertaste is refreshing.

Claim d'Ange

A simple "Claim Danju " recipe made with drained yogurt. You can easily do it just by mixing and cooling.

Drained yogurt recipe "Claim Danju" recipe

The mouthfeel is creamy. The yogurt has a refreshing flavor, but the richness of the rich cream gives it a highly satisfying finish! You can fully enjoy the afterglow. The base alone is sweet, so you don't have to jam. It is also recommended to decorate with raw fruits for a luxurious finish!