Danone Japan "Danone Oikos Fat 0 (Zero) Passion Fruit"

"Danone Oikos Fat 0 (Zero) Passion Fruit" was released by Danone Japan on May 10th at a convenience store. From May 13th, it will be available at supermarkets. The price is open.

"Danone Oikos Fat 0 Passion Fruit" was sold last summer and gained popularity. A drained yogurt with a protein content of 10.2g (0.07oz), zero fat and less than 100kcal, with a rich taste and the unique aroma of tropical passion fruit.

Passion fruit is a tropical fruit that has a good balance of refreshing acidity and sweetness and gives off a fragrant aroma. The slight acidity of the passion fruit further enhances the refreshing aftertaste of "Danone Oikos", making it a yogurt with a taste that is perfect for hot summers.

Compared to regular yogurt, it contains 3 times more dairy ingredients and 2 times more protein, making it a healthy and dense yogurt (compared to the company's conventional products). Recommended for those who want to ingest high quality protein deliciously, easily and efficiently.