"Whey Protein Ball Coconut Macadamia" "Vegan Protein Ball Raspberry Brownie" "Protein Love Bites"

Perfect when you get tired of "protein to drink". Introducing the "protein snack" found at Seijo Ishii.

"Whey protein ball coconut macadamia" is a bite-sized sweet made from dates, coconut, macadamia nuts, whey protein, etc. No sugar or wheat is used. The price is 359 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Whey protein balls coconut macadamia
Country of origin is England

One bag contains 6 pieces and the protein is 10.0g (0oz). A unique mouthfeel that looks like a combination of moist soft cookies and sticky caramel. The tropical sweetness of dates is accented by the tropical scent of coconut and crispy fibers. The aroma of nuts brings the whole together.

Whey protein balls coconut macadamia
Even one is delicious

"Vegan Protein Ball Raspberry Brownie" uses pea protein and rice protein in addition to dates, cocoa and raspberries. Again, no sugar or wheat is used. The price is 359 yen.

Vegan Protein Ball Raspberry Brownie
Where are you looking with round eyes?

The protein weighs 5.4g (0.14oz) and has a firmer texture than whey protein balls. Bitter cocoa and refreshing raspberries match. The impression is that it is a chewy and refreshing brownie.

Vegan Protein Ball Raspberry Brownie
Pink is bright

"Protein Love Bites [Caramel Salt]" is a semi-chocolate with 7.4g (0.14oz) of protein per bag. I feel a faintly rough texture in the smooth mouthfeel, but I can't tell unless I'm aware of it. The salty taste that comes after the mellow sweetness of caramel is addictive. The price is 349 yen.

Protein Love Bites [Caramel Salt]
Fashionable package

Protein Love Bites [Caramel Salt]
Country of origin is Australia

"Protein Love Bites [Almond Crush]" is a semi-chocolate with 7.8g (0.28oz) of protein per bag. The aroma of almonds and the sweetness of chocolate match. The crispy texture is also a good accent. The price is 349 yen.

Protein Love Bites [Almond Crush]
144kcal per bag

It's a little pricey to make a daily snack, but I think the cost performance is not bad because even a small amount can give you a feeling of satisfaction. If you want to eat sweets but want to reduce your guilt, try putting them in as a snack candidate.