Nakayaki-kinnikun: Chocolate with protein BAAAAR!


Choco Bar

Bandai Candy Division has started accepting pre-orders for "Nakayamachini-kun Protein-filled Choco BAAAAR!", a confectionary that comes with an original sticker with a photo of Nakayamachini-kun in an impressive pose. is now available for pre-order. The product is being accepted at Premium Bandai, the official mail-order site of the Bandai Namco Group. General store sales are scheduled for July 2023. The price is 198 yen per unit (tax included, shipping and handling not included).

Nakayama Makinin-kun: Protein-filled Chocolate BAAAAR!

Nakayamakin-ni-kun Choco BAAAAR!!!" is a new product from the popular muscle comedian "Nakayamakin-ni-kun: Choco BAAAAR! is a chocolate candy with a sticker that combines a photograph of popular muscle comedian "Nakayamakinikun" in a typical bodybuilding pose with a familiar phrase. The stickers feature a large photo of Nakayamakini-kun posing on the front, allowing you to enjoy all the beauty of his body.

Nakayaki-kinnikun: Chocolate with protein BAAAAR!

There are 12 types in total, all with gorgeous metallic material designs. The rare stickers are holographic, and the super rare stickers are holographic with Nakayamakini-kun's signature stamped in gold foil, making them extra gorgeous.

The stickers are compact, measuring approximately 80mm (H) x 25mm (W), so you can stick them on your smartphone or other handheld items, or carry them around in your pocketbook to recharge your "Nakayamakini-kun" power anytime you want.

The chocolate bar is milk chocolate with a crunchy texture filled with biscuits and corn flakes. It also contains 8.0g (0oz) of protein.

Comment from Makinin Nakayaki-kun

A chocolate bar with my muscle pose sticker will be on sale.

My muscles are muscular and I am excited.

There are rare and super rare stickers, so please look forward to it.

So, come on, everyone's muscles!

Are you going to buy a chocolate bar?

Or not?

Which way are you going to go?



Ha (smile)