Arrange recipe "Kamatama chicken ramen"

If you like chicken ramen, you should try it once! Introducing the arrangement recipe "Kamatama Chicken Ramen". Chicken ramen that you can enjoy separately from noodles and soup.

・ Chicken ramen ・ Eggs ・ Leek ・ Sesame

Nissin Foods Chicken Ramen
Chicken ramen arrangement recipe

[How to make]
1. Stew chicken ramen in a pot for 1 minute.

Arrange recipe "Kamatama chicken ramen"

2. Separate the noodles and soup

3. Insert the egg into the noodles

4. Sprinkle with onions and sesame seeds if you like!

Arrange recipe "Kamatama chicken ramen"
The yolk has crumbled

■ The noodles are entwined with the yolk and are delicious!
The richness of the chicken is soaked in the noodles and the yolks go perfectly together! The flavor of green onion and the aroma and texture of sesame are good accents. Even if you add sesame oil to the divided soup, it's ◎.

Arrange recipe "Kamatama chicken ramen"
Tangle well

Arrange recipe "Kamatama chicken ramen"

Easy and delicious chicken ramen arrangement recipe "Kamatama chicken ramen". Please give it a try!