Marugame Seimen "Duck Green Onion Udon"
Thick green onions and duck are good

The "duck" menu that started in February with Marugame Seimen. I have tasted "duck green onion udon". Not only the dashi stock with the duck gravy, but also the thick long onion that goes well with the thick udon noodles was a nice texture.

There are three types of seasonal menus, "duck suki udon," "duck green onion udon," and "duck tsuke udon." Of these, duck green onion udon costs 650 yen (tax included, same below), and duck loin and thigh meat are used to bake long onions. It's a good idea, so please add one hot spring egg (50 yen).

Marugame Seimen "Duck Green Onion Udon"
I tried onsen tamago

Marugame Seimen's "Duck Green Onion Udon"
Egg top

Receive the udon noodles by self-service, insert the egg at the table, and pinch the meat with chopsticks. It has a firm texture and a good amount of fat, but it has a refreshing impression compared to chicken. However, the dashi stock has a lot of gravy, and although it is not strong in habit, it has a good taste.

Marugame Seimen "Duck Green Onion Udon"
duck! It's lighter than chicken, but it tastes good.

Next is green onion. It's pretty thick. It is well baked, but it has a crispy texture because it is not simmered, and the scent that spreads throughout the mouth is also pleasant. When you eat it with duck, you won't get tired of the taste of meat and the flavor of green onion.

Marugame Seimen "Duck Green Onion Udon"
The green onions are well baked but crispy

Marugame udon is chewy and chewy, and is familiar to dashi stock. When you eat vigorously, the scent of yuzu sprinkled as a condiment gives a refreshing accent, which is a pleasant surprise. If you break the hot spring egg and entangle it with noodles, meat, and green onions, the taste will be even richer.

Marugame Seimen "Duck Green Onion Udon"
It ’s also delicious to eat together

By the way, even if the size is "medium", you will be satisfied enough, so when choosing "large" or "special", I would like to challenge after getting hungry.