Marugame Seimen Winter classic "duck green onion udon"

"Duck green onion udon" will be on sale from January 12th at each Marugame Seimen store. A very popular menu as a winter staple.

Duck green onion udon

The fat and sweetness of the delicious duck meat and the sweetness of the fragrant roasted duck are melted into the special soup stock, and the soft and juicy duck meat can be enjoyed with the freshly made chewy udon noodles. The attached chopped yuzu and trefoil bring a refreshing scent.

The duck meat is specially made for each order and is cooked quickly, so you can enjoy the amazing tenderness. The dashi stock is specially richly finished by adding soy sauce-based maple and mirin to match the sweet fat of the duck meat. The special soup stock, which exudes the taste and sweetness of duck meat and roasted green onions, is entwined with the chewy noodles, and the umami spreads in your mouth each time you sip.

The price is (normal) 690 yen, (large) 800 yen, (profit) 910 yen. Both include tax. To go is not possible. It will be sold at "Marugame Seimen" and "Menya-dori" nationwide until the end of February, but some stores do not handle it. Depending on the sales situation, the start and end times of sales may differ from store to store.