7-ELEVEN "Chocolate made with raw chocolate"
Check out 7-ELEVEN's new arrival sweets! (The source of the image is the official website)

At 7-ELEVEN, we have put together the newly arrived sweets and sweet buns released on February 5th! (Handling status varies depending on the area and store)

Choco Moko made with raw chocolate

7-ELEVEN "Chocolate made with raw chocolate"

Cream puffs using rich chocolate with a scent of cacao, 140 yen (tax included, same below). The chocolate cream made with raw chocolate is wrapped in a soft and chewy cocoa-flavored dough.

Kusa mochi made from Hokkaido azuki beans

7-ELEVEN "Kusa Mochi using red beans from Hokkaido"

Kusa mochi, a staple of spring Japanese sweets, is 124 yen. A mochi dough with a scent of mugwort, wrapped in smooth bean paste from Tokachi, Hokkaido.

Kinako Cream France

7-ELEVEN "Kinako Cream France"

Kinako cream is sandwiched in fragrant French bread that is chewy and chewy, 128 yen. Kinako, which is deep roasted domestic soybeans, is used for the cream, and it is said that it is tailored to a fragrant and rich sweetness.

Fragrant cacao chocolate and whipped roll

7-ELEVEN "Scented cacao chocolate & whipped roll"

The softly baked koppe-pan dough surface is finished with chocolate for 135 yen.