Starbucks "Chocolate Mousse Latte" and "Iced Cappuccino

Starbucks "

COFFEE fun WEEK" Starbucks Coffee stores will hold "COFFEE fun WEEK" for two weeks from September 27 to coincide with "International Coffee Day" on October 1. Two coffee beverages, "Chocolate Mousse Latte" and "Iced Cappuccino," will be available on the same day to celebrate the opening of COFFEE fun WEEK.

The Chocolate Mousse


is a beverage that gently wraps espresso with the savory sweetness of nuts and fluffy mousse. A double shot of "Blonde Espresso Roast," which is characterized by its light flavor, is brewed and combined with an almond and hazelnut sauce that goes perfectly with the bright taste of the espresso. The top is topped with a generous dollop of fluffy chocolate mousse, making the drink a rewarding experience from the very first sip.

Available hot and iced, Tall size only. Priced at 579 yen (tax included) for take-out and 590 yen for in-store use. Available from September 27 through October 31.

Starbucks "Chocolate Mousse Latte" and "Iced Cappuccino
From left to right: Chocolate Mousse Latte (iced), Chocolate Mousse Latte (hot), Iced Cappuccino

Iced Cappuccino

This beverage was created in response to requests for an iced "cappuccino" with the full flavor of softly frothy foam milk. It is poured with velvety cold milk foam and features the same dense froth as hot cappuccino. Customize it to your own taste by adding syrups or sauces to sweeten it, or add an espresso shot to enjoy the strong coffee flavor.

To-go prices are 441 yen for a short size, 481 yen for a tall size, 525 yen for a grande size, and 570 yen for a venti size. After its release on September 27, it will be available as a regular beverage.


fun WEEK

A two-week coffee festival that celebrates International Coffee Day, an international day of commemoration established on October 1, and delivers a variety of contents that make coffee more fun and accessible. During the festival, 16 "GAHAKU" partners (employees), who are chalkboard art masters selected from stores nationwide, will welcome you with their artwork.

Starbucks "COFFEE fun WEEK

On October 1, International Coffee Day, coffee tastings will be served at Starbucks stores nationwide (except for some stores), and the event will be celebrated with a "Cheers! (Cheers!). Coffee story partners will greet customers wearing glasses with the number "1001" on them to commemorate the International Coffee Day date. At some locations, seasonal coffee samples will be handed out as bean samples, and chalkboards will be posted about ethical initiatives in the coffee-producing regions, creating an opportunity to experience the coffee story that extends beyond the delicious taste.

Starbucks "COFFEE fun WEEK

On September 27, "Mottochiri Balls Matcha Green Tea & Pumpkin Milk" with cream in the mochi mochi dough will go on sale. This product uses matcha green tea and pumpkin grown with manure made from recycled coffee bean grounds after coffee extraction. The package features an illustration of a recycling loop.

Starbucks "Mochiri Balls - Green Tea & Pumpkin Milk

During COFFEE fun WEEK, this product will be given away as a tasting at stores nationwide (except for some stores).

Also, during COFFEE fun WEEK, Starbucks official SNS (X, Instagram) will be offering quizzes that delve deeply into coffee from various angles. The "Black Apron" will be awarded only to partners with extensive knowledge of coffee. A simplified version of the quiz will also be taken from the "Black Apron Test," a difficult in-house test with a 10% pass rate, in which many partners participate in pursuit of this apron.

Starbucks "COFFEE fun WEEK

At the store, a coffee quiz appears on the "Cup Labeler," which is attached to a cup to indicate the contents of the order. A little story surrounding the cup at hand will be delivered like a game to accompany your coffee break.

Starbucks "COFFEE fun WEEK

Products may be temporarily out of stock or may be discontinued early.

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