Ministop "whole chocolate pudding man"
Chocolate will appear in that "Marugoto Pudding Man" this year!

At each Ministop store, the sweets-based Chinese bun "Marugoto Pudding Man" will be released on October 19th, and the new product "Marugoto Choco Pudding Man" will be released on November 9th. The price is 108 yen each (tax included).

Marugoto Pudding Man is a product that was sold last year (2017) and became a hot topic. A sweet bun made by wrapping a sweet pudding that has been slowly steamed in a whole Chinese bun dough. The top surface is topped with a dough that combines caramel sauce and cocoa powder, making it look like a pudding.

Ministop "Marugoto Pudding Man"
Whole pudding man

On the other hand, the whole chocolate pudding bun will appear for the first time this year. The smooth and rich chocolate pudding is wrapped in a cocoa-colored Chinese steamed bun dough.

Ministop "whole chocolate pudding man"
Whole chocolate pudding

Both are limited in quantity. The release date may vary depending on the store.