7-ELEVEN "Chiba Prefecture Limited! Roasted Sweet Potato Pudding"
Chiba limited roasted sweet potato pudding! (All image sources are official websites)

New sweets such as "Zakuzaku Texture Chocolate Moko" are on sale from October 9th at each 7-ELEVEN store. There are 4 products in the lineup of interest. Among them, "Chiba limited sweets" have also appeared!

・ Zakuzaku texture chocolate moko 162 yen (tax included, same below)

7-ELEVEN "Zakuzaku Texture Chocolate Moko"

"New texture Moko" is finished by placing cocoa cookies on a chewy dough and coating it with chocolate. It is filled with rich fresh chocolate cream.

・ Okinawa Prefecture red potato raw sweet potato 199 yen

7-ELEVEN "Okinawa Prefecture Red Potato Raw Sweet Potato"

Sweet potatoes eaten with a spoon using red potatoes from Okinawa. It seems that you can enjoy a smooth "raw texture". Not available in Chiba prefecture or some areas.

・ Limited to Chiba Prefecture! Roasted sweet potato pudding 199 yen

7-ELEVEN "Chiba Prefecture Limited! Roasted Sweet Potato Pudding"

Roasted sweet potato pudding using red sweet potato from Chiba prefecture. It seems that the sweet potatoes are baked to enhance the sweetness. The combination of whipped cream and caramel sauce is tailored to a timeless taste. Limited sale at stores in Chiba prefecture.

・ Fluffy bracken raw Choco Cream & Hoippu 118 yen

7-ELEVEN "Fluffy bracken raw Choco Cream & Hoippu"

A Japanese-Western eclectic sweet made by wrapping rich raw chocolate cream and whipped cream in a melting bracken dough.