Cafe de Clie's "Brown Sugar Kinako Latte"
Combination of "brown sugar syrup" and espresso

"Brown sugar kinako latte" and "Sol beige brown sugar kinako latte" are on sale at Cafe de Clie.

The hot black honey kinako latte is a combination of espresso, which has a new gorgeous taste and aroma, and "brown sugar honey," which uses 100% brown sugar with a rich sweetness. There is one size and the price is 400 yen (tax included, same below). On the other hand, Sol Beige Brown Sugar Kinako Latte is a frozen drink that combines espresso and brown sugar, and the price is 440 yen for size (R), 500 yen for (T), and 560 yen for (L).

A new food menu has also appeared. "Two kinds of pasta mushrooms and bacon oil sauce" is a combination of two kinds of mushrooms, "chaenoki" and "shimeji" from Nakano City, Nagano Prefecture, and the price is 690 yen for a single item and 900 yen for a drink set. ..

Cafe de Clie food menu
Autumn food menu

"Soft France Cheddar Cheese Sauce" is a combination of the popular Soft France series with rich flavored cheddar cheese sauce, 290 yen for a single item and 500 yen for a drink set. "Toast Sand Smoked" Salmon and Egg Salad "will also be on sale on October 10th, and the price is 470 yen for a single item and 680 yen for a drink set.