PRONTO "Quattro Chocolat Latte" and other new menu items

PRONTO Menu Summary! Morning, Lunch, Cafe, Pasta, Collaboration with Detective Conan

PRONTO Menu Summary!

Here you will find useful information about mornings, café hours where lunch is also available, café menu, drinks, pasta, bar hours at night, PRONTO Tavern (Kissakaba), collaboration with Detective Conan, To go, calories, and more. The information will be updated as it becomes available.

All prices include tax.
The above prices include products and campaigns that are no longer available.


Chocolat Latte "Quattro Chocolat Latte" is a chocolate drink with a nutty richness and deep aroma, topped with plenty of whipped cream, cubes of raw chocolate, chocolate cookie crunch and cocoa nibs, chocolate macaroons, and chocolate sauce. ldquo; drinkable sweets. Priced at 638 yen (tax included).

PRONTO "Quattro Chocolat Latte"



& Iced


If you simply want to taste chocolate, we recommend the "Hot Chocolat" and "Iced Chocolat". These chocolate drinks use high cacao chocolate with a cacao content of 71%, and offer the aroma and richness of deeply roasted almonds and hazelnuts. Priced at 484 yen each (tax included).

PRONTO "Hot Chocolat" and "Iced Chocolat



A seasonal sweet, "Classic Chocolat" is a classic cake with moist gateau chocolate topped with whipped cream. It is priced at 528 yen (tax included).

PRONTO "Classic Chocolat

Matcha Kuromitsu


Latte "Matcha Kuromitsu Warabimochi Latte" is a cup of Uji matcha latte with kinako (soybean flour) warabimochi and richly sweet Okinawa brown sugar. This drink is a perfect drink for the New Year season, and is a perfect way to enjoy the bittersweet flavor of Uji matcha tea. You can also enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth texture of the kinako warabimochi.

PRONTO "Matcha Kuromitsu Strawberry Mochi Latte

The drink will go on sale during café hours on December 26 (Mon.). The price is 580 yen (638 yen including tax).



"Koimatcha Latte (iced/hot)" is a darker Uji green tea latte with a hint of sweetness from the brown sugar syrup produced in Okinawa. The subtle sweetness of the brown sugar enhances the astringency and richness of the Uji matcha. Topped with Uji matcha powder, this latte is a perfect way to enjoy the full flavor of matcha.

PRONTO "Dark Matcha Latte (Iced/Hot)

On sale during café hours from December 26 (Mon.). Priced at 400 yen (440 yen including tax) for the R size and 480 yen (528 yen including tax) for the L size.

Morning Set

A set menu available for a limited time from the time the store opens. Sales hours vary depending on the store. Some stores do not offer this menu.

PRONTO Morning

Toast Set

Toast, hard-boiled egg or yogurt, purple cabbage and beet salad, and a drink. The price is 462 yen.

Ham and Cheese Toast Set

Voluminous melted cheese goes perfectly with ham. This set includes ham and cheese toast, a purple cabbage and beet rappe, leaf salad, and a drink. The price is 517 yen (tax included).



A special set that includes PRONTO's popular "Asagoban" menu item, which combines eggs and bread, the staples of breakfast, baked together, and a drink. The price is 484 yen. To go available.



During café time, a variety of pastas, salads, and sweets perfect for lunch are served. You can also enjoy seasonal drink recommendations that are changed for a limited time.



After café time, the bar is open in the evening as a bar with a wide variety of alcohol and a food menu centered on snacks. During bar time, "Evening Good Set" (803 yen and up) is available only on weekdays until 8:00 p.m., and "Happy Hour" is offered on weekdays only until 7:00 p.m., with special discounts on alcohol.

PRONTO Bar Time Set

Some stores are not included in this program.


Some stores have begun switching to the "Kissakaba" nighttime business format, which can be used as both a coffee shop and a bar, during bar time. Kissakaba offers a menu that differs from the traditional bar time menu, as well as the "Utage Plan," which includes a course meal with all-you-can-drink drinks.

Strawberry Latte &

Cascade Cream

"Strawberry Latte & Cascade Cream" is a seasonal drink that combines a rich strawberry latte with plenty of strawberry pulp and smooth custard cream with vanilla beans for an elegant sweetness. The whipped cream is topped with sweet and sour freeze-dried strawberries and pistachios. The release date is November 14. Sold during café hours. Calories are 353 kcal.

PRONTO "Strawberry Latte & Cascade Cream"


Spiced Milk Tea "Strawberry Spiced Milk Tea" is a milk tea inspired by "Christmas Tea," a European winter tradition. Christmas tea" is a festive tea blended with dried fruits and spices to celebrate Christmas.

PRONTO has combined royal milk tea made from rich Assam tea leaves that go well with milk, sweet and sour strawberry sauce, and several carefully selected spices such as star anise, cinnamon, and cloves, a star-shaped spice with a strong sweet aroma. Enjoy this special seasonal milk tea with a slight pink color that warms the heart.

The release date is November 14. Sold during café hours. Calorie count is 193 kcal.

PRONTO "Strawberry Spiced Milk Tea

Marble Berry


Cake "Marble Berry Velvet Cake" is a perfect sweet for the winter event season with two brightly colored layers of bright red sponge dough and white chocolate ganache cream. The top is topped with marbled red berry sauce, whipped cream and freeze-dried strawberries. The tartness of the strawberry jam sandwiched between the sponge and cream contrasts with the milky sweetness of the white chocolate.

The release date is November 14. Sold during café hours. The calorie count is 173 kcal.

PRONTO "Strawberry Spiced Milk Tea


Blanc Hojicha Latte "Mont Blanc Hojicha Latte" is a hojicha latte with marron sauce, topped with marron whip made from Italian chestnuts and marron glace. Enjoy the marriage of aromatic hojicha from Japanese tea specialty store "Tafu Koushunen Honten" and dusty sweet chestnuts.

Priced at 638 yen, it will be available during café hours from October 11.

PRONTO "Mont Blanc Hojicha Latte"


Latte This aromatic hojicha latte combines hojicha from the Japanese tea specialty store "Fukurobu Koshunen Honten" with rich milk. To enhance the original aromatic flavor of hojicha, mellow wasanbon molasses from Tokushima Prefecture is added to give the latte a subdued sweetness. Available hot or iced, priced at 484 yen.

Priced at 484 yen, it will be available during café hours from October 11.

PRONTO "Hojicha Latte"

Butter Sand Rum


Last year's popular "Butter Sand Rum Marron" is back. The buttery, moist cookie dough is sandwiched between a smooth rum-flavored cream and marron glacé. The heavy butter sandwich is perfect with coffee and makes a great souvenir.

Priced at 429 yen, available during café hours from October 11. Calories are 433 kcal.

PRONTO "Butter Sandwich Rum Marron"

W Choco


Series The "W Choco Doughnut" series is a deep-fried chocolate doughnut dipped in a rich chocolate filling that chocolate lovers will love. The W Choco Doughnuts Raspberry and W Choco Doughnuts Crispy Nut are two types of doughnuts.

EpPRONTO "W Chocolate Doughnut"

The W Choco Doughnut Raspberry is filled with the flavor of chocolate and the sweet and sour taste of raspberries, while the W Choco Doughnut Crispy Nut has a crispy almond praline texture and a nutty aroma. These new sweets from EPRONTO are great for in-store, To go, or souvenirs.

Sold at aPRONTO. Release date is October 4. Priced at 275 yen each.

Some stores do not offer this service and some stores have different prices. Prices shown are for in-store consumption only and do not include tax for To go.

PRONTO SPY x FAMILY Collaboration

PRONTO "Spy Family" collaboration menu

PRONTO "Spy Family" collaboration menu

The first phase of the collaboration will be "Everybody to the Cafe! The first phase of the collaboration will be a lineup of three collaboration drinks and three collaboration pasta dishes, which will be sold during café hours, excluding morning sales hours, from September 22.

Anya's Strawberry Chocolate Milk combines ruby chocolate milk with diced strawberry sauce and is topped with pink fiantine and a chocolate hair ornament. Lloyd's Fruit Citrus Tea in Disguise" combines lemon jelly with mixed berries and strawberry syrup, and butterfly pea tea. A second drink will be available starting October 21.

The "Twilight P Code Pasta" is a peperoncino pasta inspired by the "P Code" that appears in the film. It contains a variety of ingredients that begin with the letter "P". The "Ibarahime no Ikasumi Tomato Pasta" is based on a squid and tomato sauce, topped with squid, romanesco, and edible bell roses, all in the image of Ibarahime's "black and red" colors. Anya's Beetroot Carbonara Pasta" is a carbonara sauce with beet and Anya's favorite toppings such as "pinatsu" and "crunchy bacon".

PRONTO "Spy Family" collaboration menu

PRONTO "Spy Family" collaboration menu

In addition to the above, each order of the original collaboration drink will receive an "original coaster bonus" from a total of four different types, and each order of the original collaboration pasta will receive an "original clear file bonus" from a total of six different types.

PRONTO "Spy Family" collaboration menu

Original goods from the collaboration will also be available. The first batch includes clear bottles, T-shirts, and tote bags, and the second batch of goods will be available from October 21.

During this period, PRONTO stores nationwide will also be holding a mini project in which "Anya's Favorite Toy" panels will be hidden inside the stores, and Atsumi Tanesaki, who plays Anya Forger, will make in-store broadcasts. In addition to this, "PRONTO Sapporo Pole Town Store," "PRONTO Sendai Aoba Street Store," "PRONTO Shibuya Store," "PRONTO Yaetika Tokyo Station Store," "PRONTO Nagoya Station Store," "PRONTO Namba Sky-O Store," "PRONTO Kyoto Station Building Store," "PRONTO Amu Plaza Hakata Store," " PRONTO Kumamoto COCOSA store" will be the collaboration flagship stores with special decorations.

Apple Pie Tea Lat

te An autumn tea latte inspired by apple pie. Cinnamon-scented apple filling and royal milk tea are combined, topped with whipped topping and cinnamon pie. Available at café hours from September 12.

PRONTO "Apple Pie Tea Latte"

100% straight apple juice, carefully


by region and variety. This seasonal drink is made without using any additives so that you can taste the true flavor of apples. The first product is a "straight apple juice" from Nagano Prefecture, which is made from a variety of apples.

PRONTO "Selected apple juice from selected production areas

The first is "Fuji" from Nagano Prefecture. Fuji," the largest variety produced in Japan, is used as the main ingredient. The rich aroma and intense sweetness can be enjoyed.

The second product uses only "Kogyoku" grapes grown in Nagano Prefecture. Kogyo" is a long-established variety, characterized by its refreshing acidity and subtle sweetness.

The third product is a blend of Fuji, which has a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, and Benidama, which is characterized by its sweet and sour taste and aroma. The taste is rich and refreshing.

The fourth product is a blend of "Ohbayashi" with its strong sweetness and aroma, and "Fuji" with its perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. You can feel the strong sweetness of apples.

Maple Che

esecake with

Apples and Walnuts

Maple-flavored baked cheesecake with apple compote and raisins, topped with a cookie crumble with walnuts. Sold during café hours from September 12. The calorie count is 311 kcal.

PRONTO "Apple and Walnut Maple Cheesecake"

Rare Cheese Lemon


"Rare Cheese Lemon Latte" is a summer dessert drink that is like "drinking rare cheese cake. The sauce with sweet and sour lemon pulp and rare cheesecake-flavored milk are a perfect match. The whipped topping is topped with lemon sauce and pistachios. Priced at 638 yen, it will be available during café hours from August 1.

PRONTO "Rare Cheese Lemon Latte" and "Whole Lemon Soda
From left to right: "Sicilian Lemon Cheese Tart," "Rare Cheese Lemon Latte," "Whole Lemon Soda

The "Rare Cheese Lemon Latte" has a matching look to the "Sicilian Lemon Cheese Tart," a recommended sweet for a limited time only. The tart is priced at 583 yen.


Lemon Soda "Whole Lemon Soda" is a lemon soda using PRONTO's original "grated lemon puree with the peel. The bittersweet, refreshing lemon and carbonation make for a refreshing drink perfect for hot days. Priced at 440 yen, the soda will be available at café hours from August 1.

Some stores do not offer this service and some stores may have different prices.
Prices include tax for in-store consumption. Tax included prices for To go are different.

PRONTO Watermelon Juice

PRONTO "watermelon juice

The juice is made from 100% Kurobijin watermelon, which has a strong sweetness, and is said to be as pleasant to drink as if you were biting into the watermelon itself. The sweetness of the watermelon is further enhanced by the secret ingredient of rock salt, giving it an addictive taste. The XL size is recommended for those who want to drink it in the hot summer.

It will be available from July 1 to early September. The R size is priced at 495 yen, the L size at 583 yen, and the XL size at 638 yen.

PRONTO Iced Drink All Grand Menu XL Size

PRONTO "watermelon juice

From July 1 to early September, the "XL size" will be available for an additional 55 yen to the L size for all PRONTO iced drinks on the Grand Menu.

Peach Jelline Latte

Jelline is a coined word combining "jelly" and "verrine. It expresses the three-layer glass dessert "verrine," which is cool from the outside as well.

PRONTO "Peach Jelline Latte", "Peach Earl Grey Tea", "Peach Rare Cheese

This dessert drink is perfect for summer, with its refreshing milk-based flavor and the pull-texture of the white peach jelly. Three types of peaches are combined: white peach jelly, vanilla milk with white peaches, and whipped cream with white peach sauce. Priced at 638 yen, it will be available during café hours from July 1.

Peach Earl Grey Tea

This summer fruit tea combines PRONTO's original Earl Grey tea with white peaches. The mellow aroma of peaches and the gorgeous flavor of bergamot are a perfect match. Priced at 440 yen, available during café hours from July 1.

Peach Rare

Cheese: Rare cheese cake with a layer of rare cheese cream on a rough graham cookie dough and a coating of pink jelly with chunky white peaches. Peaches, the fruit of summer, complement the richness of the rare cheese. Priced at 528 yen, it will be available at café hours from July 1.

Kiwi Panna Cotta


"Kiwi Panna Cotta Latte" is a "drinkable sweet" that is reminiscent of a panna cotta with kiwi sauce. The pale green milk with kiwi sauce is combined with panna cotta and kiwi pulp jelly, and topped with whipped topping and cookie crunches. The milky sweetness of the panna cotta and the refreshing tartness of the kiwi make a perfect match for early summer. Priced at 594 yen, it will be available during café hours from May 23.

PRONTO "Kiwi Panna Cotta Latte"

Kiwi Squash

"Kiwi Squash" is a refreshing squash made with kiwi syrup, kiwi pulp and soda. It is a bright looking drink that simply delivers the tartness of kiwi and the refreshing sensation of carbonation. Priced at 440 yen, it will be available at café hours from May 23.

PRONTO "Kiwi Squash"



Cheese "Kiwi Lair Cheese" is a rare cheese cake consisting of a layer of rare cheese cream on a graham cookie dough, kiwi sauce with pulp and blueberries coated with jelly. The refreshing tartness of kiwi and blueberries complements the rich rare cheese and is perfect for the coming season. The bright yellow-green color and glossy jelly make this a refreshing looking sweet. Priced at 528 yen (tax included), it will be available during café hours from May 23.

PRONTO "Kiuilea Cheese"


Fair A "Retro Fair" themed on "delicious and nostalgic" will be held at sakaba time in Kissakaba (coffee shop) stores from May 16 to June 30.

PRONTO "Retro Fair"

During the "Retro Fair," limited-edition menu items with a retro feel such as "Sacaba's Pudding a la Mode," "Downtown Dry Curry," and "Retro Teppan Omelette Rice" will be available, all arranged in the exciting Kissacaba style of bars. The best of all is the "Tokyo Cider Sour," which uses PRONTO's original label "Tokyo Cider" and is made with a Midori-jin base for a distinctive taste.

It is served as a set of Naka (Midori Gin) and Soto (Tokyo Cider), so you can enjoy it to your preferred strength. Both naka and soto can be ordered in addition, or you can order soto only and enjoy "Tokyo Cider" as it is.

Detective Conan: Zero no

Nichijo (Tea Time) x PRONTO

A collaboration with the "Detective Conan: Zero no Nichijo (Tea Time)" spin-off anime "Detective Conan," the exclusive menu will be available during cafe hours from April 22 to May 29.

PRONTO "Detective Conan: Zero no Nichijo (Tea Time)" collaboration

Amuro Toru's Pumpkin Tea


"Amuro Toru's Pumpkin Tea Latte" is a pumpkin-flavored milk tea topped with whipped cream and pumpkin sauce and powder, inspired by Toru Amuro, the main character in Detective Conan: Zero's Daily Life (Tea Time). It is made with pumpkin, which Azusa Enomoto, a character from the original comics, ordered too much of. The selling price is 825 yen.


Face Citrus Tea "Triple Face Citrus Tea" is lemon-flavored black jelly combined with grapefruit juice and Butterfly Pea Tea herbal tea. It is inspired by the "Triple Face" of Toru Amuro, who has three faces: Toru Amuro (a waiter at Cafe Poirot), Rei Furuya (a public safety police officer), and Bourbon (a black organization). The selling price is 825 yen.



's Vanilla Latte "Aiken Halo's Vanilla Latte" is made with milk with vanilla syrup and topped with plenty of whipped cream and white chocolate slices. This is a drink that even Halo, the dog who loves vanilla so much that in the original comic "Detective Conan: Zero's Daily Life (Tea Time)," he opens the refrigerator and eats vanilla ice cream while Amuro is away, will love it. The price is 825 yen.

Zero no Nichijo (

Tea Time

) Neapolitan "Zero no Nichijo (Tea Time) Neapolitan" is a familiar pasta dish at Cafe Poirot. It is made with sausage, onions, green peppers and a special tomato ketchup sauce. The price is 1,100 yen.

Zero no Nichijo

(Tea Time

) Special Karasumi-style Pasta "Zero no Nichijo (Tea Time) Special Karasumi-style Pasta" is made with a lot of olive oil. The price is 1,100 yen.

If you order any of the three drinks, you will receive a "Zero no Nichijo x PRONTO Original Coaster Special" and if you order any of the two pasta dishes, you will receive a "Zero no Nichijo x PRONTO Original Acrylic Key Ring Special" per order.

PRONTO "Detective Conan: Zero's Daily Life (Tea Time)"

PRONTO "Detective Conan: Zero's Daily Life (Tea Time)"

During the collaboration period, the PRONTO Shibuya Fukuras store will be decorated in the image of the exterior of Cafe Poirot, with a standby panel of Toru Amuro and scenes from "Detective Conan: Zero's Everyday Life (Tea Time)".