Antenor "Peach Festa"
Peach cakes lined up in the showcase

"Peach Festa" will be held from July 12th at each Antenor store. Limited time until August 19th. During the period, there are 7 kinds of cakes using fresh "peaches" that are in season now (the handling situation may differ depending on the store).

Of particular note are these three items!

・ Peach torte

Antenor "Peach Festa"

A cake made by layering peach mousse, peach confiture, sponge, and cream on a fragrant almond tart and decorating it with fresh white peaches. It is a satisfying dish that you can enjoy the fragrance and refreshingness.

・ Whole peach cake

Antenor "Peach Festa"

A cake made with a whole juicy peach, which is unique to the season. The fresh flesh is filled with a smooth cream that melts in your mouth and is layered on a sponge cake.

・ White peach roll

Antenor "Peach Festa"

A roll cake made by wrapping a refreshing cream with peach puree and white peaches in a moist sponge. The juicy white peach, cream, and sponge taste blend together. Perfect for summer souvenirs.

In addition, a whole cake with plenty of peaches such as "peach tart" and "mango and white peach decoration" will be prepared. The product list of Momo Festa is as follows.

Fresh peach shortcake 702 yen (tax included, same below)
Peach torte 692 yen Peach and cassis cake 605 yen Whole peach cake 810 yen Peach tart (hole) 13 cm in diameter 2,160 yen, 16 cm in diameter 3,240 yen White peach roll 1,782 yen Mango and white peach decoration (hole) 11.5 cm in diameter 3,132 yen Yen, diameter 14.5 cm 4,212 yen * Reservation required 4 days in advance