Antenor 2023 Christmas Cake

Antenor 2023 Christmas Cake

Christmas cake reservations will be accepted at Antenor cake stores from October 10, 2012. The lineup includes a wide variety of cakes, from the traditional decorated cakes made with a special blend of two types of Hokkaido cream to special cakes filled with the chef's special attention to detail.

Reservation period: October 10, 2023 - December 15, 2023
Delivery period: December 23, 2023 - December 25, 2023

In addition, as a reservation bonus, the Christmas cake featured in this article will be presented with an angel feather pie "Petit Bonheur (3 pieces)" on a first-come, first-served basis when you reserve it at an Antenor store.

Antenor Angel's Wings Pie "Petit Bonheur" (3 pieces)

Some cakes are available for early delivery from December 1.
Reservation start date may vary by store.
Some items may not be available at all stores.

Lubin Decoration

Antenor "Luban Decoration".

A bright red gift box decorated with a chocolate ribbon. The two-tiered cake is a chef's specialty, filled with attention to detail. The cake measures 18 cm in diameter and is priced at 10,800 yen (tax included). Reservations only.

Bijoux de Phrase

Antenor "Bijoux de Phrases"

A special Christmas decoration featuring sparkling strawberries as jewels. Flavorful almond sponge is sandwiched between strawberry and raspberry mousse, cream blended with fresh Hokkaido cream, and strawberries. The size is 15 cm (H) x 15.5 cm (W) and the price is 9,180 yen. Limited to reservations.

Santa's House of Sweets

Antenor, "Santa's House of Trick or Treat"

Santa's house of sweets is made of chocolate cake and cookies. The caramel-scented chocolate cake is layered with eight layers of chocolate almond sponge and rich butter cream, topped with a small bûche de Noël and a cookie roof. A "sweet house" where you can eat everything. The cake measures 17.5 cm in diameter and is priced at 7,560 yen. Reservations are limited.

Noel Phrase

Antenor "Noel Phrase"

A large-sized decorated cake to add color to any party. It is filled to the brim with frilly cream and strawberries. Sizes and prices are 21 cm (8,640 yen), 24 cm (14,040 yen), 27 cm (17,280 yen), and 30 cm (21,600 yen) in diameter. Limited to reservations.

Noel Phrase

Antenor "Noel Phrase"

Strawberries are sandwiched between a smooth cream blended with fresh cream from Hokkaido and a finely baked sponge cake. This is the most popular decoration, with its simplicity and the quality of the ingredients enhanced. Sizes and prices are 15 cm (4,752 yen) and 18 cm (5,940 yen) in diameter.

Ganache Chocolat Noel

Antenor "Ganache Chocolat Noel

A rich ganache cream is layered over a chocolate almond sponge and then covered with chocolate. On top of the cake is a nut-flavored gianduja chocolate Christmas tree, creating a rich chocolate cake. Sizes and prices are 12 cm (3,888 yen) and 15 cm (4,752 yen) in diameter.

Japanese Chestnut Noel Mont Blanc

Antenor "Noel Mont Blanc with Japanese Chestnuts

Two types of selected Japanese chestnuts are used. Aromatic brûlée made from Japanese chestnuts produced in Ibaraki Prefecture is wrapped in marron cream and decorated with richly flavored Japanese chestnuts from Kumamoto Prefecture. This is a luxurious dish that allows you to enjoy the rich flavor of chestnuts. It measures 12 cm in diameter and is priced at 3,996 yen.

Buche de Antenor

Antenor "Buche de Antenor".

A traditional European Christmas cake made in the Antenor style. Butter cream and raspberry ganache are rolled in chocolate almond sponge for a deep flavor. The raspberry sauce spread inside adds a sweet and sour accent. It measures approximately 16 cm in length and is priced at 3,996 yen.

Flaise Decoration

Antenor "Phrase Decoration"

Moist baked sponge cake sandwiched between strawberries and strawberry confiture. The cake is finished with a mild cream blended with fresh cream from Hokkaido. Recommended for those who want a smaller sized decoration. It measures 12 cm in diameter and is priced at 3,888 yen.

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