Fujiya "Halloween Mummy Mont Blanc

Fujiya Confectionery Halloween Sweets: 3 items in total

Halloween sweets will be sequentially released at Fujiya Confectionery stores from October 20, 2012. The lineup includes many sweets with ghost and pumpkin motifs that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

New Fujiya sweets to be released on October 20


Halloween Amaou Strawberry Zakuzaku Chocolate Cake

Fujiya "Halloween Amao Strawberry Zakzakuchi Chocolate Cake".

A refreshing chocolate cake with a crunchy texture and Amao-strawberry cream sandwiched between cocoa sponge. The top is finished with an Amaou strawberry glaze and decorated with chocolate attachments with Halloween motifs. There are three types of chocolate attachments. The price is 490 yen (tax included, same below).

Halloween Mummy Mont Blanc

Fujiya "Halloween Mummy Mont Blanc

A cocoa sponge with a hint of Amaou strawberry sauce and a squeeze of Amaou strawberry cream, with milky cream on the top. It is decorated with bat-shaped chocolate and topped with freeze-dried raspberries. The sweet and sour taste of the berries matches the gentle taste of milk. This Mont Blanc is a unique Halloween treat. The price is 490 yen.

New Sweets


Halloween Ghost Pumpkin Baked Pudding


on sale on October 27

Fujiya "Halloween Ghost Pumpkin Baked Pudding"

A pumpkin pudding topped with a squeeze of chanterelle cream and pumpkin seeds. The bittersweet tasting caramel sauce and pumpkin pudding are a perfect match. The jack-o-lantern cup can be used as a small container for small items after use. The price is 460 yen.

Antenor's "ghost sweets" are also cute! The "Ghost Sweets" by Antenor are also cute! A total of 7 limited edition Halloween sweets from Antenor, including "Kabocha Mont Blanc" and "Halloween Rare Cheese