Antenor Halloween Rare Cheese

Antenor Halloween Limited Edition Sweets Summary

Here is a summary of the limited edition Halloween sweets sold by Antenor. They include "Kabocha Mont Blanc" and "Halloween Rare Cheese.

Kabocha Mont

-Blanc" is a Halloween limited edition Mont-Blanc made with cream from "Hokkaido Ebisu Kabocha," which is said to have a strong sweet taste. The price is 702 yen (tax included, same as below). It will be on sale from October 1 to October 31.

Antenor Pumpkin Mont Blanc

Halloween Rare Che

ese: Rare cheese mousse made with Hokkaido cream cheese and sweet and sour strawberry mousse wrapped in gyuhi. The price is 648 yen. Available from October 1 to October 31.

Antenor Halloween Rare Cheese

Halloween Petit Fours, 8 pieces,

to liven up your Halloween party! An assortment of 8 flavors including purple sweet potato Mont Blanc, strawberry mousse, pumpkin petit fours, and chocolat. The price is 2,646 yen. On sale from October 15 to October 31.

Antenor Halloween Petits Fours 8 pieces


Limited Baked Goods Sales Period: September 1 - October 31

Halloween Assortment (S) 10 pieces

Assortment of Langdosha cookies with Belgian chocolate sandwiches. Price: 735 yen.

Antenor Halloween Assortment (S) 10 pieces

Halloween Assortment (M) 18

pieces, assortment of Belgian chocolate sandwiched langdosha cookies. Price: 1,383 yen.

Antenor Halloween Assortment (M) 18 pieces


, 3 pieces, priced at 670 yen.

Antenor "Financier".

Raisin Sandwiches

: 3 pieces, priced at 735 yen.

Antenor "Raisin Sandwich"