Max Coffee Jam "Max Jam" Ichihara SA Limited
I have a deep love

If you're from Chiba or Ibaraki, you probably don't know "Max Coffee". A sweet milk coffee with plenty of condensed milk. You're tired of your body!

Max jam

A popular person with a brilliant career, such as being loved too much and creating a dedicated vending machine, and developing collaboration bread. And in the Ichihara service area of Chiba prefecture, even the jam " Max Jam " using Max Coffee is on sale!

Max Coffee Jam "Max Jam" Ichihara SA Limited
That taste was jammed

◆ Sweet and mellow taste

Max Jam is a jam that tightly condenses the taste of Max Coffee. Of course, plenty of condensed milk is used. The price is 540 yen (tax included).

Max Coffee Jam "Max Jam" Ichihara SA Limited
The color is also Max Coffee, isn't it?

If you apply it to toast and eat it, it will be "Ah, this is this!". The nostalgic taste of Max Coffee that I often drank after club activities!

The slight bitterness of coffee behind the rich sweetness of condensed milk. A mellow mouthfeel and a smooth texture. The beige color is just Max Coffee, isn't it? It's like eating toast with Max Coffee.

Max Coffee Jam "Max Jam" Ichihara SA Limited
Addictive sweetness!

It melts with the heat of toast and becomes smooth, so it can be used more like butter than jam. Besides bread, you can also apply it to pancakes, scones, and muffins and eat it.

◆ Where can I buy it?

The sale place is a souvenir shop in the Ichihara service area (down). In addition, there are other items such as "Max Chocolate", "Max Rusk", "Max Drop", "Max Cookie", and "Max Cake" at the same store! There are so many collaboration products of Max Coffee. Max love, too much!

Max Coffee Cookie "Max Cookie"
Cookies with Max Coffee

Max Coffee Cake "Max Cake"
Baked cake too

Why don't you buy it as a souvenir to commemorate your trip to Chiba or to introduce Chiba to your friends!

Chiba Prefecture / Ichihara Service Area (Down)
Ichihara service area (down)