Komeda Coffee Regional Limited Morning Service "Golden Kiwi Jam from Saga Prefecture"

Regional limited morning "Golden Kiwi Jam from Saga Prefecture" will be available from November 15th at Komeda Coffee stores in Kyushu area (Fukuoka prefecture, Saga prefecture, Nagasaki prefecture, Kumamoto prefecture, Oita prefecture, Miyazaki prefecture, Kagoshima prefecture) and Okinawa prefecture. It will be on sale. You can order drinks from the store in the target area from the opening to 11:00 am, and you can select "Golden Kiwi Jam from Saga Prefecture" as one of the "Morning Service" menus.

Golden kiwi jam from Saga prefecture

Jam made from 100% "Golden Kiwi" from Saga prefecture, which is blessed with a warm climate and rich soil. "Golden Kiwi" is a variety that has been improved according to the taste of Japanese people, and is known for its high sugar content and abundant nutrients. The sugar content has been adjusted to 50 degrees, which balances sweetness and acidity, so that the original taste is enhanced when applied to bread, and the flesh is cut into large pieces so that the texture can be enjoyed.

Regional Morning Service

We offer area-limited jams using local specialties as one of the selection menus of the morning service. "I would like you to know again about the wonderful local specialties. Also, I would like to support producers by processing fruits that have become non-standard products due to their size and shape into jam." With that in mind, Komeda's efforts to contribute to the local community started in 2019. So far, we have used special products from Ehime, Aomori, Nagano, Yamagata, Hiroshima, Mie, Shizuoka, Yamanashi, and Miyagi prefectures.