Pasco (Shikishima Bread) will sell "Amaou Strawberry Melon Bread" and "Amaou Strawberry Chocolate Steamed Cake" using "Amaou Strawberry" for winter only from December 1st. Sales areas are Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku, and Shikoku areas. The price is open.

Which do you eat, white or black?
Which do you eat, white or black?

Amaou strawberry melon bread is a biscuit dough melon bread kneaded with Amaou strawberry puree, sandwiched with Amaou strawberry jam and cheese whipped cream.

On the other hand, Amaou strawberry chocolate steamed cake is a steamed cake made by kneading Amaou strawberry puree and Belgian chocolate with whipped cream of Amaou strawberry.

All of them will be developed as products in the "Ichigo Ichikai Monogatari" series, which expresses "encounters" such as Amaou strawberry, cream, and chocolate.

The sale period is until January 31, 2016. However, until December 31st in the Kanto area.