Cafe COMSA "Fukuoka Prefecture Strawberry 'Amaou' Cake".


"AMAOU Fair" Cafe COMSA will hold the "AMAOU Fair" from February 3 (Fri.) to March 2 (Thu.).

The "Amaou


" is characterized by large, red, well-shaped fruits with a glossy color and high sugar content in the juice. The name "Amao" is derived from the four characteristics of the strawberry: "red," "round," "big," and "tasty," and from the wish that it will become the king of sweet strawberries. This season marks the 20th anniversary of the start of full-scale sales of "Amaou," which boasts high popularity as a local brand representing Fukuoka Prefecture with one of the highest yields in Japan.

The Amaou Fair will feature a lineup of cakes and drinks beautifully decorated with pastry chefs' techniques using an abundance of "Amaou" strawberries.

Fukuoka Prefecture


"Amaou" cake: Large pieces of Fukuoka Prefecture's "Amaou" strawberries are cut to fill the mouth, and combined with a fromage blanc base. You can enjoy the large, sweet, and lush flesh. Priced at 1,500 yen per piece (tax included).

Cafe COMSA "Fukuoka Prefecture Strawberry 'Amaou' Cake".

Shortcake with

Fukuoka strawberries "Amao" and Yame

green tea cream A shortcake made with plenty of Fukuoka strawberries "Amao" and decorated with Yame green tea cream. The combination of large sweet and sour "Amaou" and bittersweet green tea can be enjoyed. The price is 1,500 yen per piece (tax included).

Cafe COMSA "Shortcake with Fukuoka strawberries 'Amao' and Yame green tea cream".

The Ikebukuro Seibu store offers a shortcake parfait featuring Fukuoka Prefecture's "Amao" strawberries.



: Luxurious strawberry milk made with an abundance of Fukuoka Prefecture's "Amao" strawberries, which have a good balance of sweetness and acidity. The price is 950 yen (tax included).

Cafe COMSA "Amaou Milk

The Ginza store's price is different.
Designs and contents are subject to change depending on the availability of fruits.