Hattendo "Honki no Meronpan Lemon & Custard

Hattendo Online Shop "Summer Fruit Collection" H

attendo Online Shop is selling "Summer Fruit Collection" for one week only starting May 15. The lineup includes fruit flavored sweet breads such as "Mango," "Peach," and "Amaou Strawberry" to color your early summer tea time.

Summer Fruit Collection

Hattendo Online Shop "Summer Fruit Collection

A set of refreshing, fruit-flavored cream buns recommended for early summer, including the seasonal flavors "Mango," "Peach," and "Amaou Strawberry. The set also includes the new "As if Ice Cream Pan" that has been on sale since May 9, and the "Serious Melon Pan" series of sweet breads created to commemorate the opening of "Sora no Eki Orchard" in 2020 in the Hattendo Village, a hands-on food theme park in front of Hiroshima Airport. The set also includes the "Honki no Melonpan" series of sweet breads created to commemorate the opening of the Sora no Eki Orchard in 2020.

The product will be on sale from May 15 to May 22 at 16:59. It will be delivered frozen. The following is an example of a set product.

Summer recommended fruit set of 3 kinds, 6 pieces, 3,348 yen (including tax and shipping)
Cream bread (mango, peach, and Amaou strawberry) 2 pieces each

・ Newly introduced! Refreshing set of ice cream bread and fruit cream bread 5,508 yen (including tax and shipping)
2 pieces of ice cream bread, 3 pieces each of cream bread (mango and peach), and 2 pieces each of cream bread (Amaou strawberry and custard)

・ Assortment of 7 pieces of 2 kinds of serious melonpan 2,614 yen (including tax and shipping)
Serious Melon Buns Melon Cream 3 pieces, Serious Melon Buns Lemon & Custard 4 pieces

Creamy Buns Mango

Hattendo "Creamy Bun Mango

Creamy Pan Mango is a fresh-tasting cream bun that combines the brightly colored, sweet, rich mango with Hattendo's gentle melt-in-your-mouth cream.

Creamy bun "

Amao Strawberry

Hattendo "Creamy bun, Amao Strawberry".

Creamy Pan Amao Strawberry" is a cream bun with a sweet jam made from Fukuoka Prefecture's "Amao Strawberries" that melts with the gentle sweetness of the cream.


Melonpan Lemon & Custard

Hattendo "Honki no Meronpan Lemon & Custard

Serious Melonpan Lemon & Custard" is a sweet melon bread with custard cream and lemon marmalade in a crispy cookie dough.