At each Freshness Burger store, a new menu "Freshness Cheeseburger" using three types of cheese will be released on November 10. The single item price is 420 yen.

With a rich cheese sauce
With a rich cheese sauce

"Freshness Cheeseburger" is a hamburger that arranges the signature product "Freshness Burger" and combines three types of cheese, Goda, Cheddar, and Mozzarella, with a special cheese sauce finished with wine.

Thickly sliced fresh tomatoes and midion onions are layered on 100% Aussie beef patty, and chestnut pumpkin is sandwiched between pumpkin buns kneaded into the dough. In addition to cheese sauce, it is topped with special meat sauce and mayonnaise.

In addition, a "profitable" set menu with soup will be on sale for a limited time. You can choose from four types of soup: lobster bisque, tomato cream chowder, porcini cream soup, and vegetable soup. The price is 690 yen.

* All listed prices do not include tax