Salon Ginza Sabo "Chabo Parfait -Japanese Garden Style-"
The height of happiness ...!

The season is completely summer! So, this time, I would like to introduce matcha sweets that look cool and are perfect for summer.

"Chabo Parfait -Japanese Garden Style- " (1,100 yen) offered at SALON GINZA SABOU, a cafe on the B2F of Tokyu Plaza Ginza!

Salon Ginza Sabo "Chabo Parfait -Japanese Garden Style-"
A parfait inspired by a Japanese garden

A nice visual that makes you think "Did you come to Kyoto?" It is a matcha parfait in a box that is said to have the image of a "Japanese garden".

◆ The cafe is in the back of the shop

The location of the shop is a little difficult to understand, so let me tell you that it is in the shop of "SALON adam et rope" on the B2F of Tokyu Plaza.

SALON adam et rope on B2F

When you go down the stairs in the store, you can see goodwill in front of your eyes, so use that as a guide.

There is a cafe in the back of the shop

Since it is located in the back, I thought that it was a shop that people in the know would know, but customers visited one after another from 11 o'clock when it opened, and by the time after 11:30, about 80% of the seats were filled. .. It seems that many people eat lunch here as well as sweets such as parfaits.

◆ “Japanese garden” parfait made with matcha

The top of the teahouse parfait expresses a Japanese garden with white chocolate and matcha powder. Break this with a spoon from the center.

Salon Ginza Sabo "Chabo Parfait -Japanese Garden Style-"
Appeared in about 5 minutes after ordering! (The photo has an additional "black honey" topping)

Salon Ginza Sabo "Chabo Parfait -Japanese Garden Style-"
If you tap it with a spoon, it will crack sharply.

When you break the chocolate, you will find plenty of matcha ice cream and matcha cream using mascarpone cheese! The taste of matcha is very rich while it melts in the mouth smoothly. The lingering scent that comes out of my nose is too happy.

As you dig in, you'll find simmered large chestnuts in astringent skin, chewy warabi mochi, and smooth and smooth agar. In addition, pearl chocolate and rice puffs dance in your mouth with "crisp, crispy".

Salon Ginza Sabo "Chabo Parfait -Japanese Garden Style-"
Boiled chestnuts in astringent skin

Salon Ginza Sabo "Chabo Parfait -Japanese Garden Style-"
Rice puff came out

While you can fully enjoy the taste of matcha, which is a harmony of bitterness, umami, and elegant sweetness, you will come to visit with different tastes and textures, so it is quite voluminous (deeper than Masu thought), but you get tired of it until the end. not. Matcha is also very satisfying because it can be transformed into various shapes such as chocolate, cream, and ice cream to please those who eat it!

By the way, are you the first to eat cherry toppings? Or will you go last?

Salon Ginza Sabo "Chabo Parfait -Japanese Garden Style-"
Please at your favorite timing (I ate on the way)

You can also add "black honey" for an additional 200 yen. If you want to enjoy a richer and richer taste, please do not hesitate to add it! This black honey is fragrant and rich, which further enhances the deliciousness of matcha.

Salon Ginza Sabo "Chabo Parfait -Japanese Garden Style-"
Black honey topping

Salon Ginza Sabo "Chabo Parfait -Japanese Garden Style-"
Adds a change in taste

In addition, "Chabo Parfait -Tropical-" using mango is now on sale as a summer-only menu. A parfait with refreshing frozen yogurt ice cream, mango espuma, and passion fruit powder.

You can top it with "coconut condensed milk" for an additional 200 yen. When you visit with your friends, you can order one matcha and one mango and share them to eat!