Momiji green tea parfait" at each Ito Kuemon teahouse

Momiji Matcha Parfait" will be available at each Ito Kuemon teahouse. The release date is October 14. The sales period is scheduled to end at the end of November. Prices are 1,390 yen for a single item, 1,790 yen for a tea set, and 1,990 yen for a Momiji tea party (all tax included). Available at the Uji Main Store, JR Uji Ekimae Store, and Gion Shijo Store.

Momiji Matcha Parfait

It's that time of year again when matcha parfaits turn autumn colors. The Momiji Maccha Parfait is a seasonal parfait available only in autumn. It is decorated with Momiji-kinton (red bean paste), Momiji-jelly, chestnuts boiled in astringent peel, Naruto kintoki sweet potato cream, and tuile almond cookies to express the rich and lustrous autumn season. The glass is filled with the charm of Uji tea with ingredients unique to a tea shop, such as matcha jelly and hojicha honey. This seasonal parfait allows you to taste the beautiful Japanese autumn with your eyes and tongue.

The Momiji Matcha Parfait at each Kyuemon Ito teahouse is sure to make you fall in love with autumn. Be sure to check it out!

The set includes a choice of hot or cold Uji matcha, hot or iced Uji matcha kapuchino, or iced green tea.