Kyoto, Kyuemon Ito "Cheinmuscat Matcha Parfait".

Itoh Kyuemon, Uji, Kyoto, will offer a new menu item, "Shine Muscat Matcha Parfait," at each Itoh Kyuemon teahouse. The release date is August 5. It will be on sale until August 31.

Shine Muscat Matcha Parfait

As the second "Fruits x Uji Matcha" menu item, the Shine Muscat is now available in a Matcha parfait. In addition to the homemade Uji green tea jelly, anko (red bean paste), shiratama (white bean curd), and other Japanese ingredients, the sencha green tea jelly spread on the bottom is one of the specialties of the tea shop. The fresh sweetness of the Cheyenne Muscat, the deep bitterness of the Uji green tea, and the refreshing Sencha gelée are all folded together in the glass. Enjoy this new parfait, which is only available for about a month, decorated with spilling red muscats and light green marble chocolate, together with Uji's mid-summer.

Prices are as follows (tax included, same as below)

Single item: 1,390 yen
Tea set 1,790 yen
Uji Matcha Craft Cola Set 1,990 yen

Tea set includes Uji Matcha (cold or hot)
Uji Matcha Kappuccino (iced or hot) or Green Tea (iced)