Fujiya "Look (Strawberry Tasting)" and other new strawberry products


"Look (Strawberry Tasting)" and Other New Strawberry Products

Fujiya will release new


products "Look (Strawberry Tasting)", "Country Ma'am (Strawberry MIX)" and "Milky (Amaou Strawberry Parfait) Bag" on November 7, 2012, which allow you to enjoy various strawberry flavors.

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Look (Strawberry T

Fujiya "Look (Strawberry Tasting)

A 12-piece Look chocolate bag containing cream made from four different brands of strawberries (Fukuoka Prefecture's "Amao Strawberry," Tochigi Prefecture's "Tochiaika," Nara Prefecture's "Awayuki," and Nara Prefecture's "Pearl White"), each covered in milk chocolate, allowing consumers to enjoy a comparison of the different flavors.

The Amao strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture are not only sweet, but also have a well-balanced sweet and sour taste. Tochiaika from Tochigi Prefecture is a new variety of strawberry with a heart-shaped cross-section, characterized by its low acidity and pronounced sweetness. The "Awayuki" from Nara Prefecture is characterized by a gentle fragrance and moderate sweetness, and is white like light snow. Pearl White, produced in Nara Prefecture, is a rare white strawberry with a refined sweetness and gentle flavor, and its flesh turns red when ripe.

Fujiya "Look (Strawberry Tasting)

Country Mam (Strawberry MIX

Fujiya "Country Ma'am (Strawberry MIX)

A limited time only Country Ma'am baked with Tochiaika puree and Tochiotome juice kneaded into the dough, and white chocolate chips and sweet chocolate chips to enhance the strawberry flavor. The mild sweetness of Tochiaika and the sourness of Tochiotome are mixed in the best balance to match the Country Ma'am. The mini size (42g (1.48oz)) comes in a pack of 14 individually wrapped pieces.

Fujiya "Country Ma'am (Strawberry MIX)" mini size

Milky (Amao Strawberry Parfait) Bag

Fujiya "Milky (Amao Strawberry Parfait) Bag".

A soft-textured milky candy made of a dough kneaded with Amaou strawberry juice, with a 10% Amaou strawberry juice jellied sauce trapped inside. The cute and glistening package design expresses the fruitiness of strawberries and the dessertiness of parfait.

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