McCafé by Barista "Torotto Pudding Mango Smoothie" and "Creamy Annin Mango Smoothie"
Feel like a tropical resort

"Torotto Pudding Mango Smoothie" and "Creamy Apricot Kernel Mango Smoothie" will be released on July 12th at each McDonald's cafe "McCafé by Barista". Prices start at 490 yen each for M size (tax included).

This is the second limited-time product to commemorate the 5th anniversary of McCafé by Barista. You can enjoy the smooth pudding and the crispy smoothie texture change.

"Torotto Pudding Mango Smoothie" is a refreshing smoothie made with Alfonso mango puree combined with mango pudding with pulp. In addition, it is topped with thick apple mango pulp and mango whipped cream. It's a "mango-exhausted" dish that uses mango for all of the pudding, smoothies, pulp, and whipped cream.

McCafé by Barista "Torotto Pudding Mango Smoothie"
For mango lovers

"Creamy apricot kernel mango smoothie" is a combination of mango smoothie and apricot kernel pudding, which is characterized by the aroma of apricot kernel and the richness of milk. Topped with apple mango pulp and whipped cream. You can enjoy the harmony of smooth apricot kernel pudding and mango smoothie.

McCafé by Barista "Creamy Annin Mango Smoothie"
Yellow and white two-tone color