McCafé's "Macaron" series

"Macaron Pistachio" and "Macaron Citron" will be released on March 25th at McDonald's McCafé store. Limited time until late August.

From the "Macaron" series, the pistachio and citron flavors, which were popular for their colorful appearance and refreshing taste, have been revived. Both are priced at 150 yen (tax included).

"Macaron pistachio" is a crispy macaron dough that you can enjoy the texture and aroma, and pistachio cream using pistachio powder is sandwiched. Every time you eat, you can enjoy the gentle flavor of pistachio and the feeling of nuts.

McCafé "Macaron Pistachio"
Macaron pistachios

On the other hand, "Macaron Citron" is a macaron sandwiched with a refreshing sour lemon cream. This is also the perfect taste for the changing seasons from spring to summer.

McCafe "Macaron Citron"
Macaron Citron

In addition, to commemorate the revival of the popular macaron flavor, a "special macaron set" that includes two types of macaroons you like and a medium-sized cafe latte (ice / hot) is also available for 500 yen (tax included). It is a set that is 90 yen cheaper than the regular price.