McCafe "Uji Matcha Series"
I've been waiting for the Uji Matcha series!

Four drinks from the "Uji Matcha Series" will be on sale from April 8th at McDonald's McCafé store. Limited time until mid-May.

The first appearance of "Strawberry Shiratama Matcha Frappe" is a drink that you can enjoy a combination of bittersweet matcha powder and sweet and sour strawberry. On top of the creamy strawberry whipped cream, matcha frappe with palatable milk is added, and the sauce with strawberry whipped cream, almonds and sliced strawberry is topped. In addition, a white ball is added to make it a gorgeous dish.

McCafé "Strawberry Shiratama Matcha Frappe"

"Matcha Latte Frappe" is a bittersweet matcha powder made from Uji matcha from Kyoto, with sweetness and richness added with milk. Topped with whipped cream and matcha powder. The contrast between white whipped cream and dark green matcha powder is vivid.

McCafé "Matcha Latte Frappe"

"Ice Matcha Latte" and "Matcha Latte" are Japanese-style drinks that combine bittersweet matcha powder using Uji matcha from Kyoto with cold milk and warm and fluffy foamed milk. Matcha powder is topped. The richness of milk and matcha go perfectly together.

McCafe "Ice Matcha Latte"
Ice matcha latte

McCafe "Matcha Latte"
Matcha latte

Each size and tax-included price are as follows.

Strawberry Shiratama Matcha Frappe M size 490 yen L size 530 yen Matcha latte frappe M size 450 yen L size 490 yen Ice matcha latte M size 390 yen L size 430 yen Matcha latte S size 350 yen M size 390 yen