McCafé "Choice of ¥ 500 cake set"

At McDonald's McCafé store, the "Choice of ¥ 500 Cake Set" campaign will start on April 22nd. It will be held until June 23 (excluding some stores).

This is a great-value menu that costs 500 yen (tax included) as a set of one favorite cake and one target drink. It will be 100 yen or more cheaper than ordering each separately. You can also take it home.

The cake lineup consists of the following 5 items.

・ Oreo roll cake

McCafé "Choice of ¥ 500 cake set"

A roll cake where you can enjoy the contrast between the crunchy texture of Oreo cookies and the fluffy sponge, and the bittersweet taste of cocoa.

・ Marshmallow cream tart

McCafé "Choice of ¥ 500 cake set"

A tart made by layering damand and ganache on a fragrantly baked tart dough with graham, and then layering marshmallow cream with a grilled texture.

・ Raspberry & chocolate cupcake

McCafé "Choice of ¥ 500 cake set"

A cupcake with a moist texture and bittersweet cocoa topped with the sweet and sour cream of Franboise.

· chocolate tart

McCafé "Choice of ¥ 500 cake set"

A tart made by sandwiching ganache between tart dough and chocolate mousse and putting chocolate shave and cacao on top.

・ Chiffon cake of black tea

McCafé "Choice of ¥ 500 cake set"

A chiffon cake that combines a soft and moist sponge dough with whipped cream that melts in your mouth using fragrant Earl Gray tea leaves.

In addition, the target drinks are as follows.

Latte M size (hot / ice)
Americano M size (hot / ice)
Darjeeling Tea M size (hot only)