Happy set "Demon Slayer" and happy set "Tropical-Ju! Precure"

From McDonald's, Happy Set "Demon Slayer" and Happy Set "Tropical-Ju! Precure" will be on sale for a limited time from March 5th (excluding some stores). In addition, this time, one toy that appeared in the past in Happy Meal will also be provided.

The anime "Demon Slayer", which has gained widespread support from adults to children, is now available for the first time. The happy set "Demon Slayer" is a lineup of 5 types of 3-disc sticker sets of popular characters such as Sumijiro and Sadako. Also included are limited stickers of characters wearing McDonald's crew uniforms, each drawn for Happy Meal, with Sumijiro as the crew, Sadako as the hospitality leader, and Zeni as the “McCafé by Barista” crew. In addition, Inosuke will be the delivery crew, and Yoshiyuki Toshinobu will be the manager.

In addition, a large sticker for each character and a message sticker that cuts out the famous scenes and lines of the animation are also included in the set, so you can put it anywhere you like or use it for communication with friends and family. You can enjoy it.

In the happy set "Tropical-Ju! Precure", 5 kinds of coloring books from the latest series of Precure have appeared. You can get a full lineup of coloring pages for characters who are sure to make a big success on TV, such as "Cure Summer".

In addition to the coloring pages of characters with McDonald's menus, which are original to Happy Meal, two pages of the coloring pages are compatible with the smartphone app "Detoruru". When you start the app and load the coloring page, you can pop out the precure that you painted yourself or take a picture with them. Also includes character introductions and mini quizzes.

In addition, the new picture book "Guru Guru Lion" and the mini pictorial book "Dangerous creatures / with quizzes such as overseas animals and snakes" both feature "lions" that are popular with children. The picture book has a puzzle, and the mini picture book has a sticker attached in the text as a "bonus", which is a mechanism for children to think and challenge for themselves.