Gindaco Soramachi Limited Takoyaki "Shrimp Zo" "Yakodare"
Takoyaki limited to downtown Tokyo is a super horse

Did you know that Tsukiji Gindaco has takoyaki that can only be eaten at one store in the world? These are "Shrimp Zo " and " Yakodare " sold at the Solamachi store in Tokyo Sky Tree (Oshiage, Sumida-ku).

This is insanely delicious ...! You can even go to Oshiage just for this!

◆ Shrimp Tartar "Shrimp Zo"

A dish that is crispy on the outside and sticky on the inside, sprinkled with teriyaki sauce and aurora sauce, and topped with shrimp tartar sauce. Topped with fried onion and parsley.

Gindaco Soramachi Limited Takoyaki "Shrimp Zo"

Gindaco Soramachi Limited Takoyaki "Shrimp Zo" "Yakodare"
Shrimp tartar topped with fried onion

The mellow richness and moderately sour rich tartar goes well with the hot and hot takoyaki ...! It contains plenty of shrimp, and the sauce alone is delicious. The crispy and fragrant texture of the fried onion and the shrimp of Puri Puri come alternately and it is the best.

Gindaco Soramachi Limited Takoyaki "Shrimp Zo"
Japanese and Western eclectic taste is irresistible

◆ Refreshing "Yakodare"

One of the yakkodare is Japanese takoyaki, which is refreshingly finished with ginger, green onions, and chirimen-jako. It is seasoned with sweet and spicy soy sauce with bonito and kelp, and ginger soy sauce. Finished with sesame, black pepper and lemon juice.

Gindaco Soramachi Limited Takoyaki "Yakodare"

Plenty of green onions are crispy! The spiciness of ginger and the lush bitterness of green onions, and the saltiness and umami of chirimen-jako further enhance the deliciousness of takoyaki.

Gindaco Soramachi Limited Takoyaki "Yakodare"
Refreshing with ginger and green onions!

It's a miracle collaboration between octopus and octopus, and the impression of the taste is "Japanese-style seafood takoyaki". The taste and texture are refreshing, so I definitely want you to eat it in the hot summer!

Gindaco Soramachi Limited Takoyaki "Yakodare"
Fully enjoy the deliciousness of Japanese food!

Each contains 8 pieces, and the price is 700 yen (tax included). Why don't you stop by and eat after a short break between the downtown walks?