Sushiro "Dark Matcha Ice Cream Monaka"
The strongest matcha ice cream in the history of Sushiro is used

Good news for matcha lovers! The new summer dessert "Dark Matcha Ice Cream Monaka" (180 yen plus tax), which is on sale at Sushiro from today (July 21st), is insanely delicious because it uses super-rich matcha ice cream!

◆ The strongest matcha in history

Dark Matcha Ice Cream Monaka is a dessert that uses "rich Uji matcha ice cream," which is said to be the "darkest" in the history of Sushiro. It is a hand-baked "Thai" type monaka skin that you can enjoy by sandwiching matcha ice cream, red bean paste, and whipped cream.

Sushiro "Dark Matcha Ice Cream Monaka"
Sweets that you can eat by sandwiching them in the skin

Monaka skin is fragrant and crispy and crunchy! If you chew it with ice cream, it will become moist and have a slightly chewy texture. Twice delicious.

And the matcha ice cream is insanely rich! Bitterness and umami remain firmly until the aftertaste. It's bitter, but not astringent. It doesn't have any extra sweetness, so you can eat it refreshingly. Isn't this the perfection that even true matcha lovers will groan ...!

◆ Recommended way to eat

Monaka skin is served alongside the side, so it is recommended that you first eat only matcha ice cream and enjoy its richness. After enjoying the strong matcha, it's finally time to cover it with the skin and cheek it!

Sushiro "Dark Matcha Ice Cream Monaka"
First of all, try tasting only matcha ice cream

Sushiro "Dark Matcha Ice Cream Monaka"
Then, mix it with whipped cream or azuki beans, or put it in the monaka skin.

By the way, if you eat from the head of Thailand, you will get matcha ice cream monaka, if you eat from the tail, you will get anko monaka, and if you eat the middle, you will get matcha azuki cream monaka (!). Also, if you eat the place where matcha ice cream and whipped cream overlap, it will have a mellow taste like "matcha latte". The taste changes depending on where you eat, so be sure to stick around!

Sushiro "Dark Matcha Ice Cream Monaka"
Do you go from your head? Or from the tail?

◆ Iron plate popularity! Strawberry shaved ice parfait

At the same time, "Kakigori Parfait Strawberry" (280 yen plus tax) is also available. Strawberry-flavored shaved ice topped with strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream, and frozen strawberry. Finished with condensed milk and strawberry sauce.

Sushiro "Shaved Ice Parfait Strawberry"
I love everyone! Strawberry shaved ice parfait

Strawberries from top to bottom! Strawberry ice cream also contains strawberry pulp, so you can enjoy a bubble wrap texture. When entwined with vanilla ice cream or condensed milk, a sweet and mellow "strawberry milk" is completed in your mouth! You will be healed by the deliciousness of the iron plate that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Sushiro "Shaved Ice Parfait Strawberry"
Strawberry dessert