Fruit Parlor Fukunaga "Cherry Parfait"
Early summer luxury, cherry parfait

Do you know the "red parfait" that is sweeping Instagram now? It is "Cherry Parfait" of Fruit Parlor Fukunaga in Yotsuya 3-chome!

Fruit Parlor Fukunaga
Fruit Parlor Fukunaga in Yotsuya 3-chome

The first floor is a shop that sells fruits. The second floor is a fruit parlor. It seems that there may be a line on weekends.

Cherry parfait is a recommended seasonal menu (early summer only). The price is 1,200 yen (tax included). Many people order cherry parfait during this time, and some customers seem to be visiting after hearing their reputation.

Fruit Parlor Fukunaga "Cherry Parfait"
I am also attracted to the vivid appearance

The first thing that comes to your eyes is a large cherry that is brilliantly topped. Five grains are displayed without any gaps. Below that are cherry sorbet and vanilla ice cream. In addition, the cut cherry fruits are also included.

On this day, I could choose the topping cherry from American cherry "Lenia" or domestic "Sato Nishiki". Both are sweet, but Rainier seems to have a stronger taste. It was said that Rainier was a little more popular now, so I ordered Rainier after I was worried.

Fruit Parlor Fukunaga "Cherry Parfait"
The cherry is so big that it seems to roll off!

The fruit of Rainier cherry is so big that it fills your mouth when you put a grain on it! When you chew and tear the skin, the fresh and sweet juice overflows from the plump flesh. Certainly the taste is strong ...! It's too delicious! !!

Crumpled sorbet contains plenty of cherry juice and is juicy! Plenty of finely chopped cherry pulp is also mixed in. The sweetness of vanilla ice cream and the fruity acidity of cherries are mixed, and the balance of taste is exquisite.

Fruit Parlor Fukunaga "Cherry Parfait"
Cherry-flavored sorbet and vanilla ice cream inside

Fruit Parlor Fukunaga "Cherry Parfait"
A lot of cherries cut in half!

I wonder how many cherries are used in this cup ... A luxurious parfait with cherries, which is scheduled to be on sale until the week of July 10th. However, it may be mixed up, so if you want to be sure to eat it, please check the official Twitter account of the store before visiting!