Cocos Strawberry & Pistachio Fair

Cocos Strawberry

& Pistachio Fair Cocos will start "Strawberry & Pistachio Fair" on March 2 (Thu.), featuring sweet and sour seasonal strawberries enhanced by the mellow pistachio flavor. No To go available.

Strawberry &


Fair Following on from the previous Strawberry & Chocolate Fair, this year's fair features a lineup of five desserts that allow you to enjoy the season's strawberries. The gorgeous colors of strawberries are accented with pistachio green, and even the appearance of the desserts will remind you of the arrival of spring. The drink bar features "Sakura & Berry Tea," a springtime drink with the flavor of cherry blossoms.

15 (Strawberry) and Pistachio Queen Parfait

This dish uses 15 domestically grown strawberries and is based on the theme of "Kuchifuku (happiness)" (eating a whole strawberry). It contains strawberry jelly with just the right amount of sourness, strawberry sherbet with pulp, and mild strawberry white chocolate pudding.

Cocos "Super Strawberry! 15 (Strawberry) and Pistachio Queen Parfait"

The sweet and sour strawberries are complemented by pistachio ice cream and pistachio pudding with crushed berries. The pistachio sauce, which is served separately, gives the "pistachio topping" an even richer taste.

The middle layer contains refreshing frozen mixed berries and crunchy caramel biscuit chips. You will never get tired of the taste until the last bite. Priced at 1,639 yen (tax included, same as below).

Triple Ice Cream Parfait with Strawberry and Pistachio

Pistachio ice cream, strawberry sorbet, and vanilla ice cream hidden under whipped cream. The price is 979 yen.

Cocos "Strawberry and Pistachio Triple Ice Cream Parfait"

Strawberry and

Pistachio Pudding Crepe

: Coco's original "CoCo Pudding" and strawberries wrapped in a sticky crepe and served with a crispy pie. The strawberry and pistachio sauce topping and pink flakes around the crepe give it a spring-like appearance. The strawberry sorbet served on the plate is also available. The price is 649 yen.

Cocos "Strawberry and Pistachio Pudding Crepe"

Strawberry and Pistachio Glass Parfait

A perfect size dessert for after dinner or tea time. Priced at 495 yen.

Cocos "Strawberry and Pistachio Glass Parfait"

Strawberry and Pistachio

Ice Cream

Enjoy the marriage of strawberry and pistachio easily. Price: 363 yen.

Cocos "Strawberry and Pistachio Ice Cream

Available at all 511 stores (as of February 21).
Not available at Yamaguchi Ube Airport.