Acecook "Chinese style fried noodles using Miha (Waper) supervised by Hiroki Shoko"
Cup yakisoba using "King of seasonings" "Miha"!

Acecook will release "Chinese-style fried noodles using Weiper, supervised by Hiroki Shoko" on July 17th. The estimated price is 220 yen (excluding tax).

This is a cup of yakisoba that uses the Chinese seasoning "Miha" for the sauce. It is said that the soy sauce sauce, which is based on pork and spiced with oyster sauce, is finished with a sharp taste in Miha. Kayaku is cabbage, carrots, wood ear, and leek.

Miha is a long-selling product released in 1981. It is gaining popularity because it allows you to easily reproduce the taste of authentic Chinese food at home.