Maruka Foods "Peyoung Quick Sweat Hell Gekihot Yakisoba Ichimi Plus" (hot and spicy yakisoba with one flavor)
(Image source: Maruka Foods official website)

Peyoung: Peyoung Gekketsu Gekketsu




Maruka Foods' Peyoung brand will introduce a new flavor of cup yakisoba, Peyoung Gekketsu Gekketsu Yakisoba Ichimi Plus, on March 6, 2023. The estimated price is 231.12 yen (tax included).

Peyoung "Jigoku Gekyohatsu" series is one of the


Peyoung products in the world. The addition of chili peppers and chili pepper rings to the "Crying Hotness" makes it so hot that you can't stop sweating from the moment you take a bite. The condiments are cabbage and chili peppers. The calorie content is 520 kcal per 117 g serving.

The amount of hot water required for cooking is 480 ml. Pour the kayaku into the noodles and pour boiling water up to the inner line. After 3 minutes with the lid on, discard the hot water from the drain opening, remove the lid, mix the sauce well, and add the furikake to complete the dish.