Sushiro Spring New Menu
Sushiro has a new spring menu

A new spring menu was released on March 1st at each Sushiro store. In addition to the appearance of sushi made with spring-like "sakura shrimp," the popular "shrimp basil cheese" and "broiled salmon basil cheese" that were sold in the past have also been revived.

There are 12 products in the lineup. I'm sure everyone will be wondering which one to eat, so I actually tried all of them and decided on the top 3 menus that I thought "this should be eaten first"!

Sushiro Spring New Menu
Now, the actual eating ceremony

This should be eaten first! TOP3

3rd place "Sakura shrimp and bamboo shoot udon" (280 yen, tax not included, same below)

Sushiro "Sakura shrimp and bamboo shoot udon"
Sakura shrimp and bamboo shoot udon

Suddenly it's a side menu! If you think, don't be afraid. There was a crazy dark horse ...!

A spring-like cup of udon noodles with a smooth and smooth texture, bamboo shoots that are crispy and crunchy, and plenty of sakura shrimp, wakame seaweed, and green onions.

Sushiro "Sakura shrimp and bamboo shoot udon"
The moment you open the lid, it smells soup stock

The umami and saltiness of the sakura shrimp melt into the firm soup stock, which makes it even more appetizing. Sakura shrimp has a crispy and fragrant texture at first, but when it becomes fluffy after absorbing the juice, it is also excellent! It's delicious twice.

Sushiro "Sakura shrimp and bamboo shoot udon"
Like a luxurious sakura shrimp kakiage udon

2nd place "Green onion pickled bonito" (100 yen)

Sushiro "Green onion pickled bonito"
Pickled bonito onion

Sushi with soy sauce-pickled bonito topped with plenty of sliced onions and green onions. The bonito is thick and has a melting texture. The more you chew, the more umami oozes out. The bitterness of the crispy green onions brings out the flavor of the bonito.

Three new menus using bonito have appeared this time, but I felt that the deliciousness of bonito was particularly condensed.

Sushiro "Green onion pickled bonito"
It's simple and good!

1st place "Shrimp basil cheese" (100 yen)

Sushiro "Shrimp Basil Cheese"
Shrimp basil cheese

The shrimp basil cheese from the resurrection menu won the first place. I was convinced that this was the first place when I put it in my mouth. There are many requests for resale.

Shrimp, cheese, and basil mayo sauce are placed on top of the sushi rice, and the sushi is roasted with a burner. I wonder why roasting makes the fragrance so good, isn't it?

Sushiro "Shrimp Basil Cheese"
Too appetizing sin

The balance between the creamy richness of cheese and mayonnaise that melts in your mouth and the light taste of shrimp is insanely good! In the first place, shrimp and mayonnaise are not good for Ichiren, so there is no reason why they don't fit. The scent of basil that gently comes out of your nose is also refreshing.

Sushiro "Shrimp Basil Cheese"
It melts in your mouth!

Unfortunately, it was out of the TOP3 rank, but all the other menus were delicious, so I will introduce them below.

◆ Other new menus

・ Shrimp avocado lettuce roll (100 yen)

Sushiro "Shrimp Avocado Lettuce Volume"
It is a sushi that missed the TOP3 by a small margin

Rolled sushi made by rolling crispy lettuce and shrimp with mayo sauce. Sakura shrimp is topped. The texture of lettuce, the taste of shrimp mayo, the flavor of sakura shrimp, etc. are all made with a strong taste, so when you are very hungry, you want to chew.

・ Skipjack (100 yen)

Sushiro "Katsuo"
Sushi that simply tastes bonito

A bonito that is firm and has a refreshing taste. The toppings of ginger and green onions accentuate the taste of the bonito. The deliciousness that you can get tired of as many as you like.

・ Bonito Yukhoe (100 yen)

Sushiro "bonito yukhoe"
Korean style sushi?

A bonito warship mixed with a special Yukhoe. It is topped with a hard boiled egg. The sesame oil scent of the sauce is exquisite, and the punchy taste is addictive. Asian taste sushi.

・ Grilled salmon basil cheese (100 yen)

Sushiro "Grilled salmon basil cheese"
The greasy salmon is excellent to eat!

Sushi that is savoryly roasted with a burner, with salmon, cheese, and basil mayo sauce on top of the sushi rice. Salmon is greasy and melts when you put it in your mouth. And the fragrant sweetness that spreads. This thick feeling is irresistible!

・ Prosciutto ham mozzarella basil (100 yen)

Sushiro "Prosciutto ham mozzarella basil"
Looks good with sake

Creative sushi with mozzarella cheese on prosciutto and topped with olive oil-based basil sauce. The salty taste of moist prosciutto and the umami that comes out to the extent that you chew it mixes with the richness of the chewy cheese and Bono! Fashionable sushi like pinchos.

・ Plum hijiki inari (100 yen)

Sushiro "Ume Hijiki Inari"
Spring inari

Sushiro "Ume Hijiki Inari"
Stable taste that you want to eat every day

"Change clothes" to spring specifications for the standard inari sushi ingredients. The vinegared rice mixed with hijiki, plum and shiso is fried and fluffy. The sweetness that oozes out when you chew the fried food is somewhat nostalgic. The scent of plum blossoms that slips out of your mouth makes you feel spring.

・ Black mussel (100 yen)

Sushiro "Black Tresus Keenae"
Black mussel

Black mussels sushi that you can enjoy the elasticity and chewy texture, which is a bit different from the crunchy texture that is characteristic of shellfish. The crunchy texture and the slight scent of rocky shore make it a habit. If you add a little wasabi soy sauce, the light taste of the shellfish will be even more pronounced!

・ Crispy sakura shrimp Caesar salad (180 yen)

Sushiro "Crispy Sakura Shrimp Caesar Salad"
Crispy sakura shrimp Caesar salad

A salad with lettuce topped with shrimp, avocado, and sakura shrimp and Caesar dressing. The crispy sakura shrimp replaces the croutons and spreads the fragrance and springiness to your mouth. Double use of shrimp is luxurious!

・ Spring chawanmushi (180 yen)

Sushiro "Spring Chawanmushi"
Spring chawanmushi

Sushiro's side menu "Chawanmushi," which has become the most popular side menu, is combined with seasonal ingredients such as bamboo shoots. The trefoil adds color.

At first glance, it looks like the usual chawanmushi, but when you scoop it with a spoon ...

Sushiro "Spring Chawanmushi"
Clams are chilling!

Clams and shrimp are coming out around! * However, the ingredients are subject to change.

So far, we have introduced 12 new spring menu items at once. If you don't know what to eat, please refer to it!

* SUSHIRO Minamiikebukuro store has different items and prices.