MONTEUR "HERSHEY'S cookie & cream pie"
HERSHEY'S cookie & cream pie

From Monteru, February 21 days in the chocolate brand "HERSHEY'S (Hershey's)" taste to enjoy the new product "HERSHEY'S Cookies & Cream pie" of the "HERSHEY'S chocolate pie" will be released on March 1 (part convenience store Pre-sale).

HERSHEY'S cookie & cream pie is a product with the image of "HERSHEY'S cookie & cream". The puff pastry is stuffed with milk cream, which is a combination of original whipped cream and homemade custard. For milk cream, add finely crushed cocoa biscuit crunch for a rich taste. The puff pastry is said to have butter flavor added to match the rich milk cream.

On the other hand, HERSHEY'S chocolate pie is made from HERSHEY'S cocoa and is made by stuffing homemade chocolate custard cooked in a copper pot into a pie custard. You can enjoy the unique scent of HERSHEY'S with a little sourness and the taste of milk chocolate. The fragrant crispy puff pastry goes well with the thick cream.

HERSHEY'S chocolate pie

The estimated price for both is 162 yen (199 yen for Okinawa only, both including tax). Limited time until April 30th.