Tully's Coffee "Manhattan Portage" collaboration

Tully's Coffee "Manhattan Portage" Collaboration

Tully's Coffee will be collaborating with "Manhattan Portage" starting Wednesday, April 12. Introducing drinks and food.

Both brands, which originated in the U.S. and have been manufacturing products with integrity, have collaborated with each other. New values will be created and products will be developed to make your coffee life richer and more enjoyable. Foods are offered in limited collaboration packages.

Strawberry Yogurt S



A bright sourdough with two layers of frozen and honey yogurt mixed with red fruits such as strawberries and raspberries. You can enjoy sweet and sour berry-flavored frozen and mild yogurt together. Served in a cup with the collaboration logo clearly visible on the red frozen fruit. 650 yen (including tax) for a small cup only.

Tully's Coffee "Strawberry Yogurt Sourdough -RED LABEL-".

Tomato Meat Pie

The motif is based on the classic American home-style dish, "meat pie. Enjoy the flavor of meat and the acidity of tomatoes. 360 yen.

Tully's Coffee "Tomato Meat Pie

Salt Pretzel Croissant

A croissant with sesame seeds and just the right amount of saltiness, inspired by the shape of a pretzel. Enjoy the simple taste with your favorite drink. 360 yen.

Tully's Coffee "Salt Pretzel Croissant

Cookie Cream Cheesecake

A smooth, creamy cheesecake decorated with savory, bitter cookies. 520 yen.

Tully's Coffee "Cookie Cream Cheesecake


Sandwich Cinnamon & Raisin Cream Cheese

A New York specialty bagel sandwich with raisin and cream cheese filling on a cinnamon bagel. Accented with almonds. 390 yen.

Tully's Coffee "Bagel Sandwich Cinnamon & Raisin Cream Cheese