"Fukuromen" is now becoming a "nostalgic food". Along with the aroma of curly noodles and fried in oil, the memories of the past will be revived.

However, in recent years, the “bag noodle” market, which has been shrinking, seems to be booming again. One of the factors is that bag noodles have been reviewed as a cooking ingredient.

And with the demodulation of bag noodles, the new products developed by NISSIN FOODS are "NISSIN RAOH Soy Sauce 5 Meal Pack" and "Same Miso 5 Meal Pack"! It is a bag noodle version of the cup noodle "Nissin RAOH".

Bag noodles have appeared in "Nissin RAOH", realizing "raw noodle texture" !?
Bag noodles have appeared in "Nissin RAOH", realizing "raw noodle texture" !?

"Nissin RAOH" of bag noodles Luxury package

Speaking of "Nissin RAOH", it is a popular product of high-priced cup noodles that realizes non-fried thick noodles and straightened noodles. In this bag noodle making, it seems that the technology cultivated in cup noodles is utilized to bring the noodle quality closer to that of raw noodles. On the other hand, it is said that you can enjoy the unique merit of bag noodles, which is that it is highly preserved and does not require boiled spilled cooking. Exactly the best of both worlds!

Pre-sale on August 27 in the Kanto Koshinetsu / Shizuoka area. I'm wondering if it will be a stepping stone to the complete revival of bag noodles.