Nissin Foods "Cup Noodle Super Spicy Miso Big"

Nissin Foods will release "Cup Noodle Super Spicy Miso Big" on May 17th and "European Curry Supervised by Aubergeine" on May 24th.

Cup Noodle Super Spicy Miso Big

"Cup Noodle Super Spicy Miso Big" is a slightly thick and supple noodle with a slickness, and 3 kinds of miso (wheat miso, red and white rice miso) with ginger and garlic accents, and plenty of chili. Also, cup noodles with rich and deep spicy miso soup. The refreshing flavor and spicy "sansho" is the secret ingredient. The ingredients are minced pork, cabbage, corn, red pepper, and green onion.

Nissin Foods "Cup Noodle Super Spicy Miso Big"

European curry supervised by Aubergine

"Aubergine supervised European-style curry" is a collaboration cup with "Aubergine" (Yotsuya, Tokyo), a home-delivery European-style curry specialty store that continues to be loved in the entertainment world as a "location valve". Curry roux, which is characterized by the sweetness of onions and the spiciness of spices, is combined with rice that returns to hot water in 5 minutes. The taste of beef and the richness of fresh cream are added to reproduce the unique taste of "Aubergine". The ingredients are dice minced meat, grilled onion, and carrot.

Nissin Foods "European Curry Supervised by Aubergine"